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Katie Nakagawa wrote -

Dear Friends & Family,

We are writing to ask for your compassion and support.   

During this last week, Masato and I have been closely following the footage from Japan, and are heartbroken as we continue to watch the aftermath of this devastation unfold.  Fortunately Masato’s family who live 120 miles south of the epicenter are safe and feel blessed during this time of national crisis.  

There are 16,600 people missing and/or dead, half a million homeless and a shortage of water, food, oil and a nuclear crisis at the Fukishima power plant.  There is no country in the world that is equipped to handle all of this at once.

In 2007, along with Masato’s family, we were fortunate to visit the beautiful coastal town of Minami Sanriku.  This was my first trip to Japan, the beginning of what would be a new love for a beautiful country and culture and an amazing new family.  It’s heartbreaking to know this town was washed away in 6 minutes. These people need our help.

I humbly ask for your generosity and support for the American Red Cross during this time of need.  The American Red Cross contributed an initial $10 million to assist Japan’s earthquake and tsunami survivors and have been on the ground providing assistance in partnership with the Japanese Red Cross.

Your contribution would mean the world to Masato and I. We greatly appreciate your generosity and support in advance.  I’ve set an aggressive goal of $5,000 and I hope you can help us make this happen.  Together Masato & I have pledged $1,000, Japan needs our help. 


Masato & Katie

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