Armin Molavi's Fundraiser:

American Red Cross 2014 Boston Marathon

Armin's Photo
Armin's Photo

BENEFITING: American Red Cross

ORGANIZER: American Red Cross of Massachusetts

EVENT: Boston Marathon 2014

EVENT DATE: Apr 21, 2014


Well... this photo is from last February during a 10K I ran as a part of my training.  Yes, that is ice.  Yes, it is entwined in my beard.  Yes, that is also ice on my eyelashes.  So the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone subject themselves to this?

Many of you may remember 7 years ago when I used to smoke almost a pack a day, drink a few martini and eat quite a bit.  (One out of three have changed.)  Quitting smoking, taking charge of my health and a whole load of other great things all came about from my training for and running the Boston Marathon.  It changed my life and I will forever be grateful to the event.  Since then, every marathon I withnessed brought a great sense of pride and happiness for myself, but more importantly a huge sense of excitement for those running the race.  Envisioning their finish, would bring a tear to my eye.  

Last year's events at the marathon rocked that world of mine, rocked the city I have grown to love and more importantly call home.  I was travelling that day for work and I will never forget the dread, panic and sadness i felt for  the marathoners, those impacted and the City of Boston.  

The Red Cross was played a massive role in the response to and the recovery from those events and this is my way of giving back.  

So... here's my ask:  my goal is $6,000 and to re-run the Boston Marathon.  I'll run the miles and put in the first $1,000.  I hope you can help me with the rest.  Much love in advance...  


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125% Raised of $6,000 Goal

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The Team: $284,716 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Armin Molavi

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125% Raised of $6,000 Goal

Donor Comments

dennis reilly

dennis reilly

Best of luck today... following your journey today from far away... Run like the wind... 3 days ago

Brook Long

Brook Long

so proud of you, Armin! I’m with you in spirit today… xo 3 days ago



You're amazing. I'll be thinking of you on Monday! With any luck, I'll see ya go by in Brookline. XOXO 5 days ago



1 week ago

Wendy Karlyn

Wendy Karlyn

1 week ago