Jack McGowan's Fundraiser:

American Red Cross 2014 Boston Marathon

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Jack's Photo

BENEFITING: American Red Cross

ORGANIZER: American Red Cross of Massachusetts

EVENT: Boston Marathon 2014

EVENT DATE: Apr 21, 2014



Dear Friends,

I am extremely grateful to be running the Boston Marathon again. Grateful in more ways than one.  Last year's marathon was a bittersweet event. As you know, I escaped the tragedy by about 25 minutes and thankfully was spared the first-hand visuals. However many of my fellow athletes were not.

I am proud to be running and fundraising for the American Red Cross for the second year in a row.  The Red Cross has always been a strong presence for the marathon, with 400 volunteers stationed at stand-by medical tents, The Red Cross leapt into action doing what they do best.

Within the hour Red Cross volunteers set up camp blocks away tending to victims in full disaster mode.  Eventually 47,000 meals would be served to people in affected areas.  The Red Cross acted as a support not just to first responders stationed at the bombsite for days on end, but for other agencies who were affected and whom disaster response is not part of their DNA. Working with the Boston Athletic Association, feeding runners redirected away from the blast site on race day, helping them reunite with their families and belongings, and probably most importantly, providing much needed mental counseling to the entire Boston community near and far.

This is nothing new for The American Red Cross. The Red Cross provided huge relief to those in the tri-state area during and after Superstorm Sandy, (you can read about the one-year later update here); swept into action earlier this year when tornadoes ravaged our midwest; AND have fanned out throughout the Philippines providing support, supplies, blood donations and aid in every sense as they recover from the devastation from the massive typhoon.

Help me reach my goal of $4000. I know these times are tight for most of us, but if you haven't seen me in awhile, just thinking of it as buying me a very expensive coffee...

When someone is in need it affects us all! I'm proud to be able to run in Boston next year, and even prouder to be wearing a Team Red Cross jersey. Any support you can give goes to those who need it. 

Thank you all so much!


*Funds raised by Team Red Cross 2014 participants will benefit American Red Cross of Massachusetts programs and services


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Herman Sebek

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Madeline Bryer

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