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American Red Cross 2014 Boston Marathon

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

ORGANIZER: American Red Cross of Massachusetts

EVENT: Boston Marathon 2014

EVENT DATE: Apr 21, 2014



I am running the 2014 Boston Marathon for Team Red Cross!

13 year's ago I ran my first and only marathon, in New York City. While I ran a good marathon, I haven't had the itch to run another one, despite living in Boston on the marathon route for 12 years and celebrating each and every Marathon Monday. I guess I've been waiting for the right motivation. When the marathon bombings happened last year, I knew it was time to run. 

I have been a supporter of the Red Cross for a long time and am honored to run and fundraise for such a wonderful and important organization. 

As you may know, the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts provided an extensive response operation in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, and continues to have a lead role in the long term recovery.  Your donation will ensure that the Red Cross will be there, wherever disaster strikes, to provide food, shelter, financial support, and mental health services to those affected, from victims and family members to first responders and community members. 

Please consider supporting me and the Red Cross in this very important running of the Boston Marathon. I am running to honor the victims of the marathon bombings, in support of the entire Boston community, and as a symbol of solidarity against hatred and fear. I am running because I can. We will finish-Boston Strong!

Thank you!


Funds raised by Team Red Cross 2014 will benefit American Red Cross of Massachusetts programs and services.



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111% Raised of $7,500 Goal

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