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EVENT: Honda LA Marathon: $4 MIL Charity Challenge

EVENT DATE: Mar 20, 2011


Riki Rachtman wrote -

March 20 is he Los Angeles Marathon. 26.2 miles. Hey big shocker . I am not and never have been an athlete. I did not run track in school . I do however like to take on tasks and set what some may say are unrealistic goals. I'm not in my 20's anymore shhh not in my 30's either. SO WHAT.I have been training. Not with some trainer or workout plan I just go out and run. Will that be enough ???? We shall see. I have decided to turn this into a fund raising event. My goal $10,000.00 . I know thats a pretty high mark and I also know some greasy hair old rocker shouldnt go run the L.A. Marathon.

I WILL DO BOTH & I will need your help. If your in So. Cal it would be great to see you on the route. I will post some locations that I will stop and give a stinky sweaty high five to RACPAC members. Hey I may even puke and just think about the YouTube hits you could get with that.

The big deal is raising the $10,000 and the charity I will deliver the check to will be FARMAID. I chose Farm Aid for several reasons. I wanted to give back to America. Ok ya this Hollywood dirtbag does love his country. I am very much against Factory Farming especially when it deals with cruelty to animals. Farm Aid helps the families that have spent generations making sure we have healthy food. Lets be honest them farmers were and still are at the hub of this country. Farmers have come across some very hard times and Farm Aid helps them. Look to get the real details go to

So there ya have it. I will go into more detail but for now. Please donate. No really cmon 10 bucks? Better yet how about 26.30 a buck each mile. Oh I'll be heating you rock star Nascar drivers up soon for some cash.

Oh I am a sell out and can be purchased for a price. Perhaps you want me to wear or mention a product. Sure I might be up for that if you make a big enough donation... For sponsorship ideas

If you can not give. Thanks for all the support anyways

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