Crowdrise Jobs

Our goal at Crowdrise is to raise lots of money for charity and make giving back so fun that people want to do more of it. The Crowdrise culture, brand, customer service, and staff needs to be so good that customers feel compelled to tell all their friends about Crowdrise. We were named a Top 25 Global Philanthropist by Barrons and we're growing ridiculously fast. We're looking for amazing people to join our squad who are passionate about charity, are ready to be in the grind and help wherever they can, and want to have more fun than they've ever had at a real job. The only rules are no sorries, no yawning and you are required to have fun. The work environment gets no better and we're big believers that the culture creates the brand and that amazing service leads to success. We're actually not sure what that last sentence meant so if you get the job, feel free to let us know.