Why should my Charity use CrowdRise? Back to Top

The easy answer is that CrowdRise is the best online fundraising website and the finest charities in the world, from the American Red Cross and UNICEF to Stand Up 2 Cancer and the Clinton Global Initiative all use CrowdRise. CrowdRise's core principles are that your supporters have unprecedented power to use the power of networks to leverage their personal capacity and that giving back should be fun. CrowdRise's custom-built platform and game theory, as well as our proven record of designing innovative crowdfunding strategies will help your Charity raise a ton of new money. CrowdRise offers the most comprehensive set of peer-to-peer, team and event fundraising tools, and we'll shock you with our amazing customer service. Contact Us and ask us how we can help. 

Are there start-up costs? Back to Top

our charity pays nothing to get started on CrowdRise. You can build a super compelling page for your Charity on CrowdRise in about 2 minutes and you don't need any programmers, IT staff or graphic designers. We make it so easy you won't even believe it. During the sign up process, you'll claim your charity and then have the option of signing up for a Free Basic Account, a $49/month Featured Account, or a $199/month Royale Account. View Account Types. CrowdRise charges Transaction Fees that range from 3% to 5% on donations.

What are the Transaction Fees? Back to Top

When a donation is made through CrowdRise, a Transaction Fee is deducted from it so we don't go out of business. Our pricing starts at a flat 3%. So on a $100 donation, $97 goes to the Charity less the cc fees charged by the credit card processor. We think you'll find that's really good pricing. We try to keep our pricing as low as possible so your donation can have the greatest possible impact. The credit card processor charges their standard, competitive 2.9% + $0.30/donation.

Nonprofit organizations can choose from three Charity Account Types, each with its own Transaction Fee. We made this gorgeous chart of Charity Account Types to make it really easy to see the pricing options. You'll see that CrowdRise Transaction Fees start as low as 3%.

Transaction Fees cover CrowdRise's costs associated with developing, maintaining and hosting the Site, plus other value-added services so we can give you the best, most innovative fundraising platform in the world.

Compared to traditional ways of fundraising like sending direct mail or putting on a charity dinner, both of which we encourage you to keep doing if they work well, CrowdRise is an inexpensive and efficient way to raise additional money for Charity. Someone that sounded really smart told us that charities usually spend 20%-30% of every dollar they raise to get people to donate, leaving less cash for all the amazing things they do around the world. CrowdRise charges a fraction of that amount. Check out some of our very satisfied charities.

If you have any questions, please email us at falco@crowdrise.com and we'll give you the greatest customer service in the world.

What is the Optional Processing Fee? Back to Top

When applicable, we ask donors to leave an Optional Processing Fee, which we use to keep our transaction fees to charities as low as possible while delivering by far the most amazing customer service and providing the most innovative, modern online fundraising platform. The Optional Processing Fee defaults to 10% and the donor can adjust it to zero at their discretion before completing their donation. The Optional Processing Fee helps cover the charities' and CrowdRise's costs associated with (i) providing "the best customer service in the world"; (ii) providing a secure charitable giving system; (iii) vetting nonprofits through Guidestar's third party web service; and (iv) all other business expenses including, but not limited to, legal fees, insurance, the best staff on the planet, and staple removers.

Processing Fees charged through Network for Good are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law and will show up on donors' credit card under the name Network for Good. CrowdRise also shares part of the Processing Fee with Network for Good. The Processing Fee charged through WePay is not tax deductible and will show up on the donors' credit card statement under the name CrowdRise. I know we said it already but it's so important we want to say it again. CrowdRise is able to offer lower Transaction Fees to Charities because generous donors leave a Processing Fee.

Click here to check out our transaction fees and charity account options.

How does my charitable organization get its money? Back to Top

Your organization can choose to receive its donations through Network for Good or WePay. Both payment procesors are PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best) and both offer best in class security and service. If you choose to use Network for Good, they send payments to charities on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month. For example, donations processed in October will be paid on November 15th. Charities will receive their payments less the Transaction Fee. If you use Network for Good, the check is sent to the address that the Charity has on file with GuideStar. If you choose use WePay, you'll receive your donations in real-time, less the Transaction Fee directly into your WePay account. You can choose to have the money automatically transferred to your Charity's bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The mean lawyer made us write this part: Neither WePay nor Network for Good is affiliated with CrowdRise. And regardless of which payment processor is used, Charities will be responsible for taxes based on their net income or gross receipts. These payment schedules are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of CrowdRise.  

What information does CrowdRise provide to my nonprofit? Back to Top

We know how important the information on your donors and fundraisers is to your organization and we provide you with everything you'd ever want. As a charity on CrowdRise, you will have access to the following information when someone donates to your charity through CrowdRise: name, email, physical address, amount of donation, the date/time the donation occurred and the CrowdRise fundraiser that generated the donation should the donation have come through a CrowdRise fundraiser. You have access to all of this data through the CrowdRise Report Center. You can download your reports into Excel so you can import the data into your donor database, or ask us about our Salesforce App if you use the Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack. 

Are donations Secure for our Donors? Back to Top

This will sound really official because we know how important it is. CrowdRise processes donations through Network for Good and WePay. Both payment processors are PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best) and both offer industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Network for Good is a donor advised fund, and a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance accredited charity that meets all of the BBB standards for charity accountability. They have processed more than $400 million in donations for 50,000 charities through their giving system. WePay is based in Palo Alto, CA and processes transactions for over 250,000 merchants. When donors checkout through CrowdRise, they agree to the CrowdRise Terms of Use, CrowdRise Privacy Policy, the Network for Good Privacy Notice and Network for Good User Agreement, and the WePay Privacy Policy and WePay Terms of Use

How do I set up my Charity on CrowdRise? Back to Top

The fastest way to get going is to scroll to the bottom of the site and under the Non-Profit Organizers section, select "Non-Profit Sign Up". Search for your charity by name, keywords or Tax ID (the easiest way is to search by your Tax ID (EIN). On the next page, you'll fill out your contact information, and then choose whether you want a free Basic Account, a $49/month Featured Account, or a $199/month Royale Account. In order to protect your charity's privacy and security, we'll contact you through the phone number listed with GuideStar or on your Charity's website or via email that we get from your Charity's website to give you a super secret Pin Number which you'll use to complete the Charity Sign Up process. All of this can be done in about 2 minutes and then your charity can start your own fundraising campaigns or events, and start turning your grassroots supporters into grassroots fundraisers. The super secret Pin Number is needed if you want to have access to your charity donor report. Please Contact us with all questions. We can't say this enough -- we are here to give you the most amazing customer service in the whole world. 

What's the difference between a Free Basic Charity Account, a Featured Charity Account
and a Royale Charity Account? Back to Top

We could write a novel about the difference between accounts, but it's so much easier than that. Just check out this gorgeous chart of our Charity Account Types.

Why can't I find my Charity on CrowdRise? Back to Top

CrowdRise uses a third-party web-service from GuideStar that contains information on over 1.5 million US-based 501(c)3 nonprofits. If you can't find your nonprofit on CrowdRise, first try searching by your EIN (Tax ID) since that's the most accurate way to search. If you still can't find your nonprofit, go to the Guidestar.org website and search for your charity there. If you find your charity on the GuideStar website, simply email nposervices@guidestar.org and ask to be opted in to their third party web-feed. Within 24 hours you'll show up on CrowdRise. If you don't see your charity on GuideStar, you can contact us or reach out to them directly but note that GuideStar receives a file from the IRS an average of 11 times a year of organizations who are deemed eligible to be listed as a nonprofit so it will take at most, a month and a half before your nonprofit can be automatically included in the GuideStar database. 

What is GuideStar? Back to Top

GuideStar collects information on nonprofits from the IRS and other sources and organizes it into one of the most respected databases of information about nonprofits. To qualify for a Charity Account on CrowdRise, nonprofits must be in the GuideStar database and recognized as a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. 

What is Network for Good? Back to Top

Network for Good is a nonprofit that makes it easy for donors to support any charity, anywhere online and that helps nonprofits raise funds for their missions through simple, affordable and effective online fundraising services, including donation processing and email outreach tools. Through partnership with corporations, Network for Good enables charitable giving solutions on company websites like CrowdRise. Network for Good is a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance accredited charity that has processed over $400 million in donations for more than 50,000 nonprofits since its 2001 founding by AOL, Cisco and Yahoo!. When you and your donors use Network for Good, you agree to the CrowdRise Terms of Use, CrowdRise Privacy Policy, the Network for Good Privacy Notice and Network for Good User Agreement

What is WePay? Back to Top

WePay is a payments company based in Palo Alto, CA and processes transactions for over 250,000 merchants. WePay is PCI Level 1 Compliant (that's the best). If your charity chooses WePay as its payment processor, donations will be deposited directly into your WePay account in real-time less the Transaction Fee. Charities have immediate ownership over their donations and can choose to have the funds automatically transfered to their bank acocunt on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Charities will be responsible for taxes based on their net income or gross receipts.  When you and your donors use WePay, you agree to the CrowdRise Terms of Use, CrowdRise Privacy Policy, the WePay Privacy Policy and WePay Terms of Use.

How do I change the address where my Charity's check is sent? Back to Top

To change the address listed for your nonprofit profile in GuideStar, click here or email nposervices@guidestar.org. Updates to that form will be shared with CrowdRise and Network for Good for future payments. 

I received a check from Network for Good and want more information. Back to Top

If you received a check from Network for Good on behalf of CrowdRise and want the details of the donor information, you can login to Network for Good's donation tracking report. You will need to establish a login using your charity's nine-digit EIN (Tax ID) number. Once you are registered, you will have access to a real-time online report detailing information about your donors who have chosen to share their contact information. You can also create or login to your CrowdRise Charity Account and export all donor information. If you have any questions about your check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or donations, contact Network for Good customer service at crowdrise@networkforgood.org or call 888.284.7978 or email CrowdRise at quintas@crowdrise.com

How do I sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with Network for Good? Back to Top

To get your donations more quickly (and to save paper), have them sent to you electronically via EFT. You can Sign Up for EFT Here.

How do I remove my Charity from the CrowdRise website?Back to Top

Crowdrise uses a third-party web-service from GuideStar that contains information on over 1 million 501(c)3 nonprofits to populate its website. To remove your charity from CrowdRise, simply send an email to nposervices@guidestar.org and simply tell them to remove your charity from their third-party web service and you'll be removed within 24-48 hours. We want to give you the greatest service in the world and we're here to help you so if you have questions or want any help with anything, email us at falco@crowdrise.com.