Climbing Towards A Cure

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The Story

Are you ready to help make a change in our world?! We need your help gaining momentum to generate awareness and support for different causes!

*The Idea*
Climbing towards a cure using our own energy to generate better research for different causes. Hiking in honor of friends and family who have made a lasting impression on our lives.

*The Plan*
Create a team of climbers for the 2012 season. Each climber can use the entire 2012 hiking season to accumulate “Gained Altitude” with all fundraising being donated to that team member’s charity of choice.

*The Fundraising*
Simple: Penny for a foot. Each team member can use different ways to get sponsors to donate one penny per foot of altitude gained on any one specific mountain climbed.

"The difference in what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." Gandhi

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Climb 4 Summit County LAPS

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Climb 4 Breast Cancer

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Climb 4 Autism

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Climb 4 Lou Gehrig's

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