The Crowdrise Contest Contest

This is for sure the best contest we've ever posted on Crowdrise. Please know we said that last month and we'll say it next month too. Actually, next month's contest will probably be bad.

Crowdrise Contest

The Story

We were sitting around trying to figure out our next contest and decided it would be so much less work if someone else solved it. So, this month's contest is for you to pick our next month's contest. Obviously, this is important work. So important that we can't do it ourselves.

To win, check out the choices below and pick the one that you think is best for our September contest.

1) Name our new, made up dog and you could win a prize

2) Send us a pic of someone doing something decent & you could win a prize

3) Name the number of ampersands in the line above but don't email us about it at all

4) Stump us with a word jumble and you could win a prize

5) Write your cause with a condiment and send it in and you could win a prize

6) Note that we did the number three twice

7) Other - please write in your contest idea

How Everything Works

Send us an email with your contest choice and you'll be entered to win 20,000 CrowdRise Impact Points for you and 20,000 for two friends. 20,000 CIPs is enough to get a CrowdRise Tee. At the end of the month, we'll randomly pick someone to win. It'll be so great.

Email us your entry