Crowdrise Crests are the best and most important marks of distinction in the world -- more important than a Nobel Prize, a Lombardi Trophy and winning Best Smile in the 7th grade mock elections. We recommend that you spend all of your time giving back, having fun and finding every way possible to rack up Crowdrise Crests. Those who gather every Crowdrise Crest get invited to a secret ceremony where we get in our PJs and eat those cranberry sauce discs that come from a can.


You get the Crowdrise Napkin Crest (CNC) by emailing us a napkin pic that gets posted on the Napkin Page. It's easy to send us a picture of a napkin...anyone can do that. But, it's incredibly difficult to understand the nuances of a napkin that inspire people to Crowdrise. It's texture, shape and a perhaps just a certain je ne sais quoi. Recipients of the Napkin Crest are some of the world’s greatest geniuses -- Chagall, Will Hunting, Kafka and Wooderson. If you have a napkin you feel is worthy of review please your napkin photo and the Executive Committee of the Crowdrise Napkin Discussion Council will check it out.


It’s one of the world’s great honors to be a Crowdrise Featured Human Person (CFHP). The CFHP is always someone who’s (possibly whose, we’re not sure) doing beyond incredible work giving back. The Crowdrise Featured Human Person flips every week and the current CFHP gets to choose the next one. Not only does the current CFHP get featured on the Crowdrise homepage for the week, but a recent study by Fish People Magazine reported that the CFHP can expect an amazing amount of support from the Crowdrise community, better breakdancing moves when it really counts, and without question, the best week of your life.


The Crowdrise Stapler Crest (CSC) is for everyone who ends up on the Crowdrise Pics page. To make that happen, a pic while you're doing something amazing for the world with a little Crowdrise love. That means holding up a Crowdrise Flag while you’re volunteering or putting a Crowdrise Bumper Sticker across your forehead when running a marathon for charity or wearing a Crowdrise Tee when you promise to eat a hundred slices of cheese each time someone donates to your Crowdrise Fundraiser. That was the longest sentence ever.


The Baby Quintas Crest (BQC), named after our own Baby Quintas, is the most special crest in the world. No one has a Baby Quintas Crest yet. Once a year, on the second Saturday in July, the Crowdrise Sirs and Dames gather at the Crowdrise Summer Dance to determine who, if anyone, should get the coveted Baby Quintas Crest. If there’s a winner, it’s announced on October 31st. No one will ever know the factors that go into earning the Baby Quintas. Is it the person who gives back the most, the person with the poofiest hair, the person with the most dangerous walking habits? We will likely never know. The Sirs and Dames have vowed to never reveal the reasons and they're sworn by a bond and alliance so deep and intimate that we can't even write about it anymore. Please don't talk about it either. Please just stop looking at this page.


Crowdrise Doctors have earned 100,000 Crowdrise Points. When you're a Crowdrise Doctor you get to put Dr. in front of your name on Twitter, Facebook and on all your legal documents. You also get to legitimately wear those doctor pajamas in the coffee shop and earn all sorts of respectful glances.


Crowdrise Tsars have earned 200,000 points and get to join the long lineage of benevolent Tsars. We're not positive what that means but you get to wear a cape year round and you get invited to the monthly Tsar Conference on Malta which really doesn't exist.


Crowdrise Mimes have 300,000 Crowdrise Points. Being a Mime means you don't have to talk to anyone until you earn another 200,000 points. Some Mimes have found that not having to talk is so great that they actually stop trying to help the world thus earning no new points. Thus.


Earn 500,000 Crowdrise Points and you'll be a Crowdrise Baron. Barons get a special moat, a bunch of invisible medallions and full time use of a really tall Knight.


Crowdrise DJs have earned 750,000 points. DJs get to choose the music at the always magical Crowdrise Prom, and if we ever have a Crowdrise Airlines, DJs get to fly first class.


Earn 1,000,000 Crowdrise Points and we'll anoint you Sir or Dame. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon you. Not only will you be envy of the world, you get to convene with other Sirs and Dames to choose the recipients of the Baby Quintas Crest should anyone in the world be worthy. What I wouldn't give to date a Crowdrise Dame.