Free Crowdrise Tee Every Day

We’re giving away a free Crowdrise Tee every day and announcing the winner on Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do for your chance to win is Follow Us on Twitter and/or Like Us on Facebook. One new winner is posted daily so make sure you check to see if you won. Contact Us if you see your name posted and the tee is yours. It would also be nice if you sent us some candy but that won't increase your chances of winning.

More Free Crowdrise Stuff

If you didn’t read the text at the top of this page, it said we’re giving away one Free Crowdrise Tee every day and announcing it on Twitter and Facebook. Note that I had to look up whether to use ‘everyday’ or ‘every day.’ Turns out I’ve been doing it wrong for years but I’ll never admit it. SSB (sorry so boring). All you need to do to have a chance to win is Follow Us on Twitter and/or Like Us on Facebook. One new winner is posted daily so just let us know when you see your name and we’ll send you your super cool free Crowdrise Tee.

While you're spending every waking moment scheming to get a Free Crowdrise Tee you can just Contact Us for a Crowdrise flag, bumper sticker or tattoos. The only requirement is that the next time you're out there volunteering or fundraising, definitely get a picture with your Crowdrise stuff and email it to us. We'll post the pic in the super cool Crowdrise Pics section and we'll throw 1,000 Crowdrise Points your way. We want pictures of Crowdrise volunteers and fundraisers doing amazing things all over the world. We want photos of you with your Crowdrise stuff while you're helping build schools, rescuing shelter puppies, raising money by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or running a marathon, or whatever you decide to do to give back. Please email us with your address and we'll solve everything.

Here are some other requirements:

  • If you throw on a Crowdrise tattoo and don't send us a picture no one will like you and you'll probably get a slight cold.
  • First person to get a picture with anything Crowdrise and Mila Kunis gets some great prize but you can't stalk her or doing anything bad or weird.
  • Everyone who sends in a pic is required to have seen The Big Lebowski at least nineteen times.
  • You can buy any Crowdrise stuff you want. Just Click Here to see all the Crowdrise Stuff.

Thanks and have the best day ever.