First of all, a really tall, really pretty girl just walked by and gave me a quick glance. No smile but a glance. Best day of my life. Second of all, since there's no chance anyone reads all this text, if you want to see Event Fundraising in action on Crowdrise, just Click Here to see a fantastic example. It's the ING New York City Marathon's event fundraiser on Crowdrise.

Event Fundraising


Crowdrise gives you the best tools, technology, reporting and other nice stuff for your fundraising events, plus the greatest customer service and in the world. In case you're not convinced yet, here's a quote from a charity that did a bowl-a-thon through Crowdrise. Normally we'd make up a quote but this one is actually real. "Crowdrise makes event fundraising so easy. They helped us make it fun for everyone involved and we raised 40% more money for charity when we used Crowdrise."

The rest of the text on this page was written by a guest writer. He's available to write your college papers and while he doesn't guarantee a good grade, he doesn't guarantee a bad one either. I'm not positive he used "upon" correctly but it sounds good. Crowdrise is a fast, easy, and secure way to raise substantial amount of money for the causes that you believe in. Crowdrise provides you a platform for event fundraising, which is simple, fun, and super engaging. Creating a fundraising event for charity is one of most effective ways to raise a lot of money, raise awareness for causes, build your brand, and create personal, authentic relationships with event fundraisers and their supporters.

Crowdrise means a plethora of opportunities for event fundraising to raise money and enjoy a great deal while doing it. It is fun and offers you a break from the monotony of a regular job. Barron's named the Crowdrise community as one of the "Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist". For you, it just takes eight odd seconds to Sign Up and become a part of something really special. It is then that you realize that by joining Crowdrise site, you have become a part of an organization offering crowd sourcing, social networking, incentives, and other cool stuff.


Crowdrise helps you organize a fundraiser event whose main purpose is to raise money for noble causes. Whether you are a singularly devoted individual or a part of an organization dedicated to raising money for a specific charity or non-profit organization, you can depend upon Crowdrise. Crowdrise promotes event fundraising in order to achieve a common aim. For example, you can get involved into creating cancer awareness to help others through Crowdriseevent fund raising. If you are planning to raise money for a specific type of Cancer, many organizations dedicated to your cause might already exist. Align yourself with Crowdrise and then with the help of these organizations, you can raise money for a particular disease. You can also take help of some expert advice for event planning, promotion, and management so that you are able to raise significant amounts of funds all in one time.

Crowdrise means a renaissance, a revolution in itself. It is a pioneering, crowd-sourcing community of volunteers and fundraisers, who answer the call to service and raise money for charity. Use the free platform of Crowdrise to raise money for your next event. It's an incredibly cost-effective, results-oriented, relationship building platform that's so easy to try you won't even believe it.