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[ I Heart Japan ] Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Art Charity Event

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Harumi Yoshida wrote -


My name is Harumi, I am Japanese ( International Student ) studying art in LA.


As you know, we had worst disaster ever in Japan in March 11, 2011. 


I decided to help my beautiful country from America by doing what I can do here.


Our project is going to be a long run.


Luckily! I am getting help from gallery to have art charity event on May 14, 2011.


I need people to help me and share cost to raise this event.


I am also looking for artists who would donate their art pieces for this event,


so that we can donate profit to Japan.


Also, I am thinking to make T-shirts and wristband.


In order to ask donation and doing some ivents to correct donation, we need some funds to order goods and paper to make cranes.


So, it would be so great to help our activity with your kindness!


All money go to donation. We NEVER take any money for us.


We will update all information how  we use the money. All cost and profit each time.



If you have any interest, please join us! Thanks!

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