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Horse Play
CROWDRISE : May 11, 2012
EIN: 05-0506340
BASED: Exeter, RI, United States


Horse Play


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Horse Play is a Rhode Island based non-profit equine rescue and sanctuary. We provide rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary for abused neglected & unwanted horses.We provide adoption services for horses deemed adoptable those that are not have a home here for the rest of their lives.
It Is Our Intent:
To provide rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary services for abused, neglected, and/or unwanted horses.
To provide placement & follow-up services for rehabilitated horses and permanent sanctuary for horses that cannot be placed.
To help put an end to neglect and abuse through education, community outreach and awareness.
To develop and present educational programs and printed media, clinics and seminars on the responsible care, ownership and training of horses.
To provide equine experiential learning and healing programs to veterans, emergency services personnel and others in need.
To provide an all-ages literacy program.
We are a 501© 3 tax-exempt organization supported solely by public donations and grants and stafffed entirely by volunteers.

EIN: 05-0506340 •


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Benefit Golf Tournament

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