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In Defense of Animals
CROWDRISE : Jun 30, 2010
EIN: 68-0008936
BASED: San Rafael, CA, United States


In Defense of Animals


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Animal Rights, Welfare

In Defense of Animals works to protect the rights, welfare and habitats of animals.

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Elliot Katz DVM, In Defense of Animals is an international animal rights and rescue organization dedicated to protecting the rights, welfare and habitats of animals.


We are supported by a network of tens of thousands of determined activists, dedicated volunteers, interns and donors. We work to expose and end animal experimentation, protect wildlife and restore balance in their natural habitats, conduct cruelty investigations and rescue operations, and provide veterinary care for sick, abused and orphaned animals in our natural habitat sanctuaries.


Through our work to inspire and shift the way people think about non-human beings, we believe a positive change will result in the way people treat them today and in the future

EIN: 68-0008936 •


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