April 21st - Four quick announcements. 1. The Tempe, Arizona CrowdRise gathering on Thursday night will be moved from the high school gym to Leslie's aunt's basement. Please be sure to take your shoes off before you go downstairs. 2. If you're planning to attend the Gainesville CrowdRise meeting on Friday night, you must bring a hat but you cannot wear a hat. 3. Please come unshowered to the CrowdRise meeting in Eugene on Sunday...apparently you're going to be working with mud and slightly radioactive materials. 4. Lastly, the Chicago CrowdRise meeting on Saturday will be canceled due a complete lack of interest. Okay. I think that covers it. And, as always, so sorry if you were made slightly dumber for having read this.

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Just donated to Meredith's 2014 MGH Pedi Hematology and Oncology Team benefiting MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL.

5 seconds ago

Keri Cockey

Joined the Walk "Ziss" Way team.

7 seconds ago

Bob Deiters

Just donated to Jim's Medicines for Humanity 2014 Boston Marathon benefiting MEDICINES FOR HUMANITY INC.

16 seconds ago


Just donated to Kevin's MGH Emergency Response Fund Team benefiting MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL.

30 seconds ago

John Madden

Just donated to Bill's Christmas in the City 2014 Boston Marathon benefiting CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY INC.

30 seconds ago

Lee and Maureen Poche

Just donated to Sean's Team American Cancer Society benefiting American Cancer Society.

31 seconds ago

Brian Choi

Just donated to Manny's 2014 TD Five Boro Bike Tour benefiting The Nature Conservancy.

38 seconds ago

Jess Parker

Just donated to Carolyn's Official One Fund Boston Marathon 2014 Team benefiting One Fund Boston.

39 seconds ago

Roger Warren

Just donated to Tim's Team Home Office benefiting T H I N K Together.

51 seconds ago

Joe Leilich

Just donated to Tommy's Organization for Autism Research 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon benefiting ORGANIZATION FOR AUTISM RESEARCH.

54 seconds ago

Ladd Family (IN)

Just donated to Orchard House's Run with Daraja: United Across an Ocean benefiting Daraja Education Fund.

57 seconds ago

Carolyn and Doug Savary

Just donated to John's Wildflower Runs The Boston Marathon benefiting Wildflower Camp Foundation, Inc..

1 minute ago


Just donated to Gina's BMC 2014 Boston Marathon benefiting Boston Medical Center.

2 minutes ago

Karen and Mark Weber

Just donated to Bill's Team Eye and Ear - 2014 Boston MarathonĀ® benefiting Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

2 minutes ago

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