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Donate to Operation Knievel Wristband for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I have received my wristband - AWESOME - Thank you Krysten.

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BENEFITING: Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation



Krysten Knievel wrote -

My office associate came across some vintage commemorative Evel Knievel wristbands from my very first fundraiser for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation at Evel Knievel Days 2006 in Butte, MT.

Just like Velvet Elvis, Dale Earnhardt commemorative plates, and government issued limited edition Sacagawea gold faced coins, these wristbands belong in every home. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, this is obviously a necessary addition to an American household. Like the Coca Cola glasses that were given out at McDonald's in the early 90's, these wristbands are only available for a short amount of time and are limited in quantity.

Make a donation to this project for at least $10 and we'll send you one of these fashionable wristbands in the mail! ACT FAST!

1. ONLY donations made to "Operation KNIEVEL WRISTBAND". Donations made to other pulmonary fibrosis foundation projects will not receive a
2. Wristband must be worn at all times. It's water resistant, so you have no excuse to take it off!
3. You must show it off to everybody that you know and make them feel bad for not having one.
4. Just because you're wearing this wristband does not make you a DAREDEVIL, so don't jump stuff.
5. This wristband is not to be used as a flotation device.
6. This wristband is magical and will make you feel awesome about yourself.
7. This wristband is NOT a safety device and WILL NOT protect you while flying 100 miles an hour over a canyon.
8. We are not going to share your contact information with anybody, but we do need it to send you the wristband. So, when you make your donation, be sure to fill out your shipping address. Don't make this weirder than it has to be.


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