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The stories are always the same: Landlords take tenants' money, government agencies take landlords' money, lawyers and the courts take everyone's money, nobody fixes dangerous apartment buildings and tenants are kicked onto the street to allow the pattern of social abuse to repeat itself, over and over again. When all of the courts, government agencies and police departments conspire with bad landlords to abuse low income disabled tenants with dangerous housing conditions and illegal evictions, where do low income disabled tenants go to get justice in 2016? Right now there is no legal justice in America's court system for low income or disabled tenants. BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION, ONLY IF AND ONLY WHEN... We The People TAKE COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY LEGAL ACTION to save our country, our states, our cities, our towns andour neighborhoods from this epidemic of private, political, judicial and governmental lawlessness!! Our federal and state court systems were created "by, of and for The People", NOT "by, of and for the judges, attorneys and police" !! GinA (formerly known as Gina Turcotte) is not an attorney but has worked as a researcher, legal secretary, legal writer, legal editor, legal proofreader and office manager for numerous attorneys, law firms and government agencies for the past 25 years and now has some very intelligent and powerful friends in very high influential places who have helped GinA learn how to defend herself against secret legal agreements made behind closed doors of the judges' chambers and to lawfully maneuver her lawsuits through various state and federal court systems. Previously, GinA has filed lawsuits in Maine state district, superior and supreme courts, as well as United States District Court for Maine and with the Supreme Court of the United States. GinA has never been accused by any judges or courts of filing frivolous or malicous lawsuits or legal papers. A very recent Kennebec Journal newspaper article on May 5, 2016 titled, "Augusta council OKs emergency bedbug measure", from Augusta Maine said, "Stephen Langsdorf, city [of Augusta Maine] attorney, said state law gives tenants the right to take legal action to force their landlords to address bedbug infestations, but many tenants aren’t able to take that action. 'You’re dealing with tenants who, very often, aren’t at all sophisticated and who feel intimidated going after a landlord, and may be one step away from being homeless,' Langsdorf said. 'And this situation was extreme. Not one or two bedbugs. Hundreds, thousands, of bedbugs were in these buildings.' In the early 1990's GinA worked directly for Stephen Langsdorf when she worked for the law firm Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau and Pachios where Stephen Langsdorf still works today. GinA has worked for some high powered law firms and attorneys and the Maine state court system, the State of Maine government as an administrative associate at various agencies from 1994 until 2008 and in various non-legal occupations. GinA's last full time job was for Maine Dept. of Motor Vehicles in the OUI/DUI unit from January 2007 through April 2008 where GinA received and personally reviewed every OUI police report written in Maine, directly communicated with police departments, courts and other people about drunk drivers, helped licensed and suspended drivers learn and understand Maine's drunk driving and license suspension laws, how to comply with all legal requirements to get their driver's licenses back, and GinA always did her best to give all suspended drivers public information about public transportation, social support and legal resources that can help them while their licenses are suspended. Within GinA's first six months on the job GinA received three letters of thanks from customers who lost their drivers' licenses for drunk driving and from GinA's unit director for providing excellent customer service and for interacting with customers with genuine concern for their well-being. GinA's other employment includes working as a self-trained computer network administrator in the mid 90's and as a help desk technician for Maine Internetworks, Inc. in 1999. GinA excelled beyond all her classmates in a 6-week computer training class for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification in 1999. GinA has earned 80+ college credits toward her Bachelor's Degree in Mental Health and Human Services which has qualified GinA to work directly with abused and violent children as a Direct Care Specialist from Sept. 2004 - Dec. 2005. GinA has also worked many other types of jobs such as a construction flagger in 2008, as a Dunkin Donuts' minimum wage worker in 2011, and now as the only volunteer to work her nonprofit agency, MAINE TENANTS JUSTICE LEAGUE, Inc. which GinA incorporated in July 2013 as a 501(c)(4) political and civic league. In 2014 GinA filed a petition for a writ of certiorari (request for review) with the Supreme Court of the United States which was not heard that time. (The U.S. Supreme Court only hears 100 cases out of every 10,000 cases filed each year) GinA will be refiling that case with the Supreme Court in the near future along with other petitions for review on her other state and federal lawsuits. Gregory Roy conspired with the City of Augusta and the Maine Judicial Branch to let GinA live at 32 Court Street starting on January 22, 2014 but then they conspired to illegally evict GinA on September 26, 2014, because Greg Roy sold the building to the City of Augusta on behalf of the Maine state court system to build a parking lot for the new courthouse and Capital Judicial Center which opened on March 2, 2015. GinA was put onto the street and was homeless from September 26, 2014 until she and her elderly friend Wayne Leach bought 2528 West River Road, Sidney Maine on November 11, 2014 from David Brennan. Wayne Leach fell gravely ill on January 11, 2015 and passed away from an aggressive and unexpected brain tumor on May 19, 2015 (See Kennebec County Probate Court, Estate of Wayne Richard Leach, KEN-2015-0534 and KEN-2015-0534-1) which has forced GinA to try to take care of herself all by herself in the middle of Maine's countryside without a car. David Brennan conspired with his attorney Tavis Rock Hasenfus, Esq. of Winthrop Maine to serve GinA with an illegal Notice to Quit on June 26, 2015. David was not able to take GinA to trial until December 2015 because GinA removed the eviction case to federal court in October 2015 (See 1:15-cv-000382-NT) which was sent back to state court in December 2015. During the state court eviction trial on December 9, 2015 in Waterville District Court, David Brennan testified during his sworn questioning by GinA that GinA never rented the house from him at 2528 West River Road Sidney and that GinA did in fact buy it with Wayne Leach in November 2014. Even though David Brennan admitted in open court under oath that GinA bought the house at 2528 West River Road Sidney, Judge Valerie Stanfill of the Waterville Maine District Court ordered an illegal eviction judgment against GinA. (See WATDC-SA-15-271) GinA tried to appeal that eviction to Maine Kennebec County Superior Court on December 11, 2015 but Maine superior court judges refused to take any action (because they knew GinA bought the house and the appeal would be decided in GinA's favor). After GinA waited more than two months for the court to take proper action on her eviction appeal and other state lawsuits, GinA filed two federal lawsuits on February 11 and 16, 2016 for fair housing and civil rights violations against eight state of Maine judges, the City of Augusta Maine, the former Mayor of Augusta Maine and former Criminal Attorney General for the State of Maine, and other government and private people from Maine on her own behalf and on behalf of "all low income, disabled and homeless people in Maine who have ever been, are now, or may ever be similarly situated". (See GinA v. Leigh Saufley et al, 1:16-cv-00095-NT and GinA v. City of Augusta et al, 1:16-cv-00100-NT) On April 20, 2016, GinA filed an Amended Complaint against Leigh Saufley et al, 1:16-cv-00095-NT, which is a 98 page complaint. On page 11 of that 98-pg complaint, GinA writes, "GinA alleges all Defendants acted with a complete absence of all judicial authority in the following cases only: • AUGDC-SA-14-453 • KEN-CV-14-176 • AP-14-56 • KEN-14-410 GinA alleges Defendants’ judicial authority in the following pending cases is highly questionable because the cases itemized below all manifested as a direct result of Defendants’ wrongful orders in AUGDC-SA-14-453, KEN-CV-14-176, AP-14-56, and KEN-14-410. • KEN-CV-15-58 • KEN-CV-15-59 • WATDC-SA-15-271 • KEN-RE-15-68 • KEN-2015-0534 (Estate of Wayne Richard Leach) (Probate J. Mitchell is not a Defendant) It is an irrefutable fact the State of Maine Judicial Branch aggressively targeted land containing Perham Street and 32 Court Street, Augusta from March 2009 – March 2015 to build a $66M Capital Judicial Center and its parking lots at public taxpayer expense. GinA alleges Defendants were completely absent all judicial authority in AUGDC-SA-14-453, AP-14-56, KEN-14-410 and KEN-CV-14-176 which is sufficiently proven by an abundance of public records regarding the State of Maine Judicial Branch’s procurement of 32 Court Street, Augusta which are held in public records by City of Augusta, Maine Governmental Facilities Authority, Administrative Office of the Courts Maine Judicial Branch, and their private and public agents." On April 21, 2016, GinA filed her 2nd Amended Complaint against City of Augusta et al, 1:16-cv-00100-NT, which is a 115 page complaint. On page 7, "GinA poses a critical question to the court which it should consider when reading this complaint:How many other low income, disabled or homeless tenants have been abused by Defendants in the same way, or worse, when Defendants knew those low income, disabled tenants are not able to write a comprehensive lawsuit for a federal court to get legal justice for official abuses by judges, attorneys and government officials, or for their landlords’ lawless behaviors amid a growing epidemic of homelessness caused by illegal and retaliatory evictions, or for across-the-board constitutional and federal violations of their ADA and fair housing rights by public servants and their official legal agents, and other types of disparate treatments?" On April 24, 2016, AFTER GinA SUED Kennebec County Superior Court JUDGES for their illegal behavior, Kennebec County Superior Court scheduled GinA's eviction appeal for a hearing to be held on April 28, 2016 even though all Maine judges knew they were stripped of their authority by being sued in federal court by GinA on February 11, 2016 for those exact prejudicial behaviors. Those federal civil rights and fair housing rights lawsuits are still waiting to be reviewed by a fair and impartial three-judge federal court. Once a proper court reviews GinA's civil and human rights lawsuits, the final outcome will have nationwide (and possibly global) positive results for every low income, disabled or homeless tenant who is struggling to survive in desperate conditions created by a corrupt legal and governmental system. On May 2, 2016, at 1:15pm, three police officers from the Kennebec County Sheriffs Office terrorized GinA for 20 minutes and then broke into GinA's home at 2528 West River Road Sidney Maine in retaliation for GinA filing her federal civil rights lawsuits against Judges Leigh Saufley et al of the Maine Judicial Branch (1:16-cv-00095-NT) which was illegally dismissed by Judge Nancy Torrensen of the United States District Court on May 2, 2016 at 1:42pm AT THE SAME TIME the Sheriffs were terrorizing GinA inside her own house that GinA bought from David Brennan on November 11, 2014 with her elderly friend and surrogate father, Wayne Leach. On May 2nd Kennebec County Sheriffs terrorized GinA at gunpoint in her own home because GinA refused to dismiss her federal civil rights lawsuits against eight state judges and City of Augusta Maine and because GinA refused to move out of her house at 2528 West River Road in Sidney which they all know GinA bought with Wayne Leach. See the Moment of Impact video, when Kennebec County Sheriffs broke through her door, here: (This clip was extracted from the middle of the 49 min video below) See the full 49 minute video of Kennebec County Sheriffs terrorizing GinA and breaking into her house here: GinA is now living in a hotel room and she desperately needs our help! All of GinA's possessions were left in the Sidney house because the police forced GinA to leave at gunpoint and under threat of false arrest. They even changed the locks to GinA's own house and put for sale signs in the yard as soon as GinA was off her property!! GinA now has to move all of her stuff out of her own house on May 10, 2016 between 9a and 4pm even though everyone knows GinA does not have a car, no money to spend on a hotel, on a uhaul truck or for a storage unit. GinA has an entire house to pack up and move in 7 hours or less on May 10, 2016. If GinA is not able to move all of her stuff on the 10th, she will lose it to David Brennan and to his legal cronies at the Kennebec County Sheriffs office. GinA needs to raise at least $1000 before May 10th so she will have enough money to rent a uhaul, a storage unit and pay for a few more days at the hotel until she can figure out how to get back into her home at 2528 West River Road which the Kennebec County Sheriffs office just stole away from her for David Brennan. Interesting side note: David Brennan reposted two "for sale" signs on the yard at 2528 West River Road Sidney on MAY 2, 2016 WITHIN ONE HOUR AFTER PUTTING GinA ONTO THE STREET ! Do you think David Brennan is going to commit the same legal scam on the next "buyer" of 2528 West River Road, Sidney Maine?? Do you think that "buyer" is going to REAP ANY JUSTICE IN THE MAINE STATE OR UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM ??? NOT UNTIL GinA TAKES SERIOUS LEGAL FEDERAL ACTION ON HERS AND OUR BEHALF!!! But that cannot happen without your FINANCIAL HELP and PUBLIC SOCIAL SUPPORT !! If you are able to help GinA in any way, please send her your own stories of eviction and experiences with court abuses to be included in her federal legal papers (to her email address, and of course if you can DONATE any amount at all, even if it is as little as $1.00, please donate NOW so GinA can HELP ALL OF US REAP OUR OWN JUSTICE in the federal court system! P.S. For anyone who has any interest to read GinA's federal and state lawsuits, here is the link to her Google drive for GinA v. Leigh Saufley et al 1:16-cv-00095-NT: P.S.S. Here is a link to GinA's Google drive where you can find her other state and federal lawsuits: You can also follow what GinA is doing by watching her personal Facebook page here: and MAINE TENANTS JUSTICE LEAGUE's Facebook page here:


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