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Remy's Furever Fund

Organized by: Carol Birdwell

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Remy & Chloe are BFFs!
July 17, 2016

EVENT DATE Jun 30, 2016


Hi everyone, my name is Remy and I am a one-year-old, black-and-white Pitbull. I was discovered when I was 3 months old with my 2 sisters in a flooded basement of an abandoned house. My sisters were lucky and found their furever homes quickly but I have led a gypsy life since my rescue. I'm not sure how I got to my first home, but a 16 yr. old boy got me for a Christmas present from his mother Shawna. His name is John and we became best friends. I think Shawna loved me too, along with John's two little sisters, they liked to pull my tail and ride on my back but that was OK because it made them laugh. Shawna was always very busy and I didn't see her very much, John was a good big brother and always tried to take care of his little sisters but sometimes there was no food for them and sometimes they forgot about me I became very sick one day & I heard Shawna tell John I would probably die because I had something called Parvo and they could not afford the medicine to help me get better. John walked around the neighborhood asking people to help me and he got enough money for me to get some medicine from an animal store. I don't know how much time passed but soon I could drink water and not vomit and eventually I became well again. I think maybe John started to get tired of me because I wasn't getting any food or water every day. It was an adventure to move around a lot but I was hoping we could stay someplace forever. John would tie me up with a rope outside and it would be very cold and I didn't have a bed to sleep on, so I would just curl into a very tight ball. It was nice when the cold started to go away but I knew we were moving again because they were taking everything out of the house and I was ready to go but they left me inside. I heard somebody talking outside saying I had been in there for 4 days & and then I heard some glass break and someone was pouring water into my mouth. I opened my eyes but it was not John or Shawna, it was the people I used to see next-door. It felt really wonderful to breathe fresh air and to cool off, they took me into their house and called Animal Control. They let me spend the night in their garage and gave me food and plenty of water. I woke up hearing voices and one sounded like John! He came to save me! But he sounded mad now. He ran into the garage and grabbed the rope and we left our neighborhood. John used to ride his bicycle and I would run next to him but I didn't know I was going to run so far because the pads on my feet started to crack and bleed. We finally stopped at a trailer and I saw Shawna at the door and she told John she couldn't believe he rode his bike 11 miles with me, in the pouring rain.She also told him that I wasn't allowed to stay there but John said I was his dog and he was keeping me. There were a lot of new smells and sounds here, me and John walked around the neighborhood. Then I saw John's friend, Kevin. Kevin's dog did not like me at all and we all walked together back down the street. Before we got back to where Shawna was, we stopped at another house. I heard some barking and saw a lady open the door and talk to Kevin and then she looked at me. She was really smiling when she saw me and then she came outside with another dog that looked a lot like me only it was a girl and she was kinda chubby. She liked me right away and I liked her, maybe is because we looked like brother and sister and then the lady let us both come in her house. She looked at my paws and put a warm cloth on them and cleaned them then she put something sticky on them and wrapped them in bandages. She gave me a hotdog and told me I was very good, it was delicious! I remember falling asleep and the air-conditioner was blowing on me and I could hear them talking. Then John and Kevin got up and walked to the door, so I followed John but he told me I had to stay here for a little while, which didn't bother me because it hurt to walk. This lady really liked me a lot, I could tell because she kept petting me, talking to me and gave me really good food and fresh water all the time. Chloe was really fun to play with and she even shared this big basket of bones and toys she had. But I wondered where John had gone and if he was ever going to come back. He came back a few days later and took me for a walk and then we went back to the ladies house and John left again. After a few more days, I was really feeling happy because my stomach wasn't empty anymore and you couldn't see my ribs or hip bones. John and Kevin came over later to give me a walk but I didn't go back to the ladies house and they tied me to a camper in the yard. It was starting to get dark when I saw a lady walking down the street towards me, Shawna came out and told her to leave. The lady turned around and left but she looked at me and was very sad. I don't know why I couldn't go back to the ladies house but I started to get hungry and thirsty again and it was very warm outside and I didn't have anywhere to get shade. When Shawna would leave, the lady & Chloe would come and bring me food, water & talk to me. The lady would laugh and smile when I wiggled, so I did it a lot. Then one day John took me back to the ladies house and they talked for a while and John left again without me. The lady was very happy and hugged me for a long time! Even Chloe was wiggling, I taught her that! This lady took lots of pictures of me but I wanted her to take them later when I wasn't so skinny. Because when I went back with John they didn't feed or water me, just the lady once a day. I couldn't believe I could eat as much as I wanted to and I even got special treats when she taught me how to use it and now I'm learning how to speak. This typing is still hard, you know, the no opposable thumbs thing. Chloe and I were sleeping together on the sofa and that was a very loud knock on the door, it made us jump & bark. The lady opens the door and we hear her talking to a man. She takes us to the bedroom and leaves us there. Chloe says to me that the man is here to take me back to the camper. I thought the lady liked me. Chloe lets me know that the lady does like him but it's John's fault because he called the police and said his dog was stolen. I hear the bedroom door open and the lady comes in, she kneels down to my side, puts on my collar and leash and she whispers into my ear, "I hope you find somebody that really loves you forever, even if it's not me." As I go outside, I see Shawna and John standing in the front yard, John takes me from the policeman and we walked back to the camper. The next couple of days were very busy, I remember the lady driving in and out of the neighborhoods several times. She always slowed down and looked at me, I know she saw me look at her. My tummy was starting to hurt and I was pretty thirsty, the lady wasn't allowed to come over anymore. Then I saw Shawna come out of the house and walk down the street to the ladies house! Shawna went down there 2 more times and then I saw the lady drive away again. The lady is gone forever, I know because I watched. Finally her truck appears, she slows down before she gets to the house but she is turning into my driveway! She jumps out of the car and goes to the front door. I see Shawna let her inside. She is gone forever again, I know, because I watched. Then they finally came out together walking towards me holding my collar and leash. The lady gives me a really big hug! I was wiggling like crazy and she laughed. She takes me to her truck and lets me jump in and we are back at the lady's house. I see Chloe when she greets me at the door. I am happy to see Chloe but is Shawna going to come pick me up again? Chloe tells me no, that I am now in my furever home. I didn't understand but Chloe told me a furever home was a place where you can live forever with your new mom, no matter what happens in your life, she will be with you furever. Several days pass and I'm happy to get the good food and freshwater again, it's fun to play with Chloe because she is slower than me when we run around the backyard. I got introduced to vegetables this morning! She made a face when she ate a carrot but I liked it. I'm learning lots of new stuff, the lady sits down with me a lot and says a word to me and I don't know what she's saying and I keep trying different things and when I do this one thing she will give me a special treat. So I learned how to sit and she's trying another one, I think it has to do with my nose, too bad we can't communicate. Chloe keeps filling me in on how I was allowed to move in here furever, something about Shawna needing money & the lady was frantically trying to get the money for me. She must be rich because she gives me the best dog food I've ever tasted and let's me try new things. She says the lady is a little worried right now because she wants to take me to see a doctor to make sure I don't get sick again. She also wants to make sure I don't get sick and has to buy medicines for that. She cleaned all the fleas of me but I guess there is another medicine for that too but it feels so good when my skin is not itchy! Chloe tells me the lady met some very nice people on that TV box and they helped her get the money to buy you. She wasn't looking to find me a younger sister or brother for me but then you appeared. I know the lady really wanted you to have a nice home and didn't have to move all the time, a place where your stomach doesn't growl, a place where you can be cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. A furever home. I kept asking the lady why can't he just live with us? She told me our budget was to tight, whatever that means. I think if she finds more help for you, maybe you can live here furever, just like me.



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