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100 Black Men Of Atlanta Inc

100 Black Men Of Atlanta Inc
CROWDRISE : Aug 23, 2017
Tax ID: 58-1721923
BASED: Atlanta, GA, United States


Youth Enrichment Program

Project Success, our multi-year educational support, mentorship and scholarship program has opened doors to higher education and steered students clear of the pitfalls in their underserved communities that would cause them to become statistics.

Our work is paying dividends!

100% of the students in our 4th Project Success youth development class have beat the odds by graduating from high school and attending college. Their new goal, become the first in their families to earn a bachelor's degree.

Sadly, many low-income Atlanta public school students face social and economic barriers that derail their academic pursuits. The societal cost of producing low-skilled, low-wage earners is high:

  • A 10% increase in high school graduation rates can reduce violent crime by 20%, motor vehicle theft by 13% and arson by 8%
  • Public schools spend between $10,000 and $15,000 to educate a student annually while states, such as Georgia, spend over $90,000 per year to incarcerate one juvenile offender

Help us multiply the impact of our program for a larger group of students like J.B. This is her story in her own words:

"Project Success shifted my default from failing to excelling; from becoming part of the 30% high school drop-out statistic, to joining the freshman class at Rice University on a full academic scholarship.

I grew up in an economically depressed part of Atlanta where opportunities for youth are lacking. At age 8, I was identified as a high-potential student and introduced to Project Success. The Program Director, instructors and mentors provided me with a safe community and reinforced my zeal for learning. My early academic success in the program opened the door for me to receive a full high school scholarship to attend a private high school. The organization also introduced me to the world of STEM education through robotics. Initially, overwhelmed by the challenge of building a complex machine, I was motivated by the other girls my age and gained the confidence to build a working robot and compete in tournaments. After10 years of academic guidance in Project Success, I have begun the next phase of my life having reached a goal my 8-year-old self would not have had the audacity to dream. Yes I, the girl once too self-doubting to assemble a robot, is double majoring in linguistics and computer science! Stay tuned as my story continues.”

Tax ID: 58-1721923 •


100 Black Men of Atlanta's Project Success (Youth Development)

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