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10,000 New Fencers Campaign! (Donate $15!)



Fencing in the Schools is the largest introductory fencing program in the USA and the most ambitious initiative ever undertaken to get children fencing in the country with the mission to fight childhood obesity, instill Olympic ideals and improve educational opportunities.

In order for us to effectively serve 10,000 students this year as well as to get ready for the growth to 100,000 by the 2017 school year and 1 million by 2023 we are going to need YOUR help to develop our operations, resources and programs.

At 10,000 students we need approximately $15 a student to make this happen. So, our mission is to find 10,000 donors to donate $15 dollars each to support FITS!

What will we be doing and need this year?
* 10,000 students will be introduced to fencing across 7 states in addition to us proactively seeking out new schools and places for fencing to grow. For that to happen we need the staff to support those programs, to create and manage all the resources and tools and to do all the rest of the work that comes along with an an highly functioning organization. (Like development!)

* Creating tools and resources that will enable fencing to grow: We plan on creating the most well-produced and thought-out videos on introducing the basic fundamentals of fencing, publishing our Introductory Guidebook to Fencing and beginning to create a "How to to Start a High School Team Guidebook" amongst other projects that will not just enable us but anyone to grow fencing.

* Building Partnerships: we plan on creating relationships with powerful organizations that will help bring added credibility, attention and support to the many battles we need to fight to grow fencing.

* Raising Awareness and Marketing the Sport: We plan on continuing to publicize the sport to the mainstream media to raise interest on both the local and national level. We will be launching some of the most creative awareness raising campaigns ever for the sport with utilizing social media in addition to putting on fencing demonstration and events for the public.


* Pathway To Gold Program: We plan on creating additional opportunities for disadvantaged children to learn fencing and be put on a different life path.  The Pathway to Gold program will be piloted in NYC this year with the idea to run free after-school and weekend programs for interested students and then identify students for additional training, tutoring and support that can put them on a Pathway to Gold in life: College. 



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