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CROWDRISE : Nov 04, 2011
Tax ID: 20-8425786
BASED: Corona, CA, United States


100 Mile Club®

Charity EIN: 20-8425786 MISSION STATEMENT: Engaging and empowering kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time.

Calling all Runners & Walkers! Click "See More" below to learn how you can help 100 Mile Club at your school or throughout the nation. 

A simple donation of $10 will sponsor one student for one year in The 100 Mile Club® and support programs throught the nation. 

Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, special education teacher Kara Lubin used the universal dream of becoming a gold medalist to inspire her hard-to-motivate students. That year, The 100 Mile Club® was born from a simple idea, run 100 miles and earn a gold medal.


Realizing physical activity has a significant impact of the health status of our kids and our community, The 100 Mile Club® has created a simple, innovative, sustainable answer to the current health crisis in our youth: daily physical activity in a nonthreatening, supportive, inclusive environment. 


We serve and inspire all kids to run and to be the very best they can be. It is our goal to help our children lead healthy and rewarding lives and ensure that our families become and remain healthy and thrive. 



How YOU can help:


Become a FundRACER.  Join the 100 Mile Club® 2017 FundRACING Team and help us fund programs and incentives for our awesome runners around the country!

1. Click the FundRACING Campaign below or right here.

2. Find the button that says “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN”.

3. CLICK “JOIN THE TEAM” in the popup box that appears.

4. Click "Edit Campaign".

5. Set YOUR fundRACING goal and personalize your page. Add pictures and tell your story about why you are fundRACING for 100 Mile Club®.

6. SHARE WILDLY! Be relentless and share all over the place! All donors will receive a personal thank you from 100 Mile Club® and donations over $50 will receive a special gift.


COACHES AND SCHOOLS! Create a Dedicated Campaign to Directly Benefit Your 100 Mile Club!


Use the simple Crowdrise fundraising platform to fund 100 Mile Club® Sponsorships at your school. Rally your teachers, parents, and the community to join your fundraising campaign and support your efforts to create happy, healthy, connected kids!


1. Log in or create your Crowdrise account.


2. Click CREATE a Fundraiser.



>> Complete the form with Fundraiser Title (“100 Mile Club® at _______” works awesome), Fundraising Goal, and About Your Fundraiser. We can help you with this if you need it, but speak from your heart. That’s the best thing.

>> Add a photo.

>> Select your charity. Type 100 MILE CLUB in the box and choose “THE 100 MILE CLUB INC” from the dropdown and VOILA!! Your fundraiser is live!


3. Share Share Share! Promote your campaign wildly and get everyone involved. Parents, teachers, community members, anyone who wants to help you fundraise for your 100 Mile Club®. Crowdrise offers tools to share via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.


4. When money comes in, we will issue you a Credit Memo and you can use the funds for your club!


Make sure to update your fundraiser and thank your donors using the tools provided by Crowdrise.


That's it. So easy!


Let us know if you have any questions or if you need assistance. Email us at or give us a call at 951-340-2290. We are available to help you every step of the way. 



Tax ID: 20-8425786 •


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