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CROWDRISE : Nov 04, 2011
EIN: 20-8425786
BASED: Corona, CA, United States




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Inspired by the 1992 Summer Olympics, special education teacher Kara Lubin used the universal dream of becoming a gold medalist to inspire her hard-to-motivate students. That year, The 100 Mile Club was born from a simple idea, run 100 miles and earn a gold medal. Her students embraced the challenge. Encouraged by family friend, John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success, Lubin developed the program and capitalized on its immediate effects, calmer, more focused and motivated learners. She designed a t-shirt to serve as the students' “incentive chart” which they received after logging 25 miles, and further reinforced the value of their perseverance by bestowing to each student a golden pencil at 50 miles and a wristband at 75. All students received a certificate of completion no matter the miles earned and those who met their 100 mile goal received a beautiful gold medal, awarded at a special year-end medal ceremony. The value of these simple tokens exceeded all expectations and celebrated milestones met of new confidence, poise, increased physical fitness levels and self-esteem for her students.

The 100 Mile Club® quietly evolved over 13 years in Kara’s classroom. Not only did her students consistently score higher on physical fitness tests than their non-disabled peers, they also showed improved attendance and behavior. People began to notice.

In 2006, the program went viral. Currently, The 100 Mile Club serves nearly 19,000 students in schools all over California and across the country. In California, physical fitness scores in participating schools are consistently higher than the state average for the one-mile run, 84% vs. 65% respectively.

Realizing physical activity has a significant impact of the health status of our kids and our community, The 100 Mile Club® has created a simple, innovative, sustainable answer to the current health crisis in our youth: daily physical activity in a nonthreatening, supportive, inclusive environment. Our concept is simple and easy to implement. We put a new creative spin on the simple act of walking or running by creating an incentive program that adds excitement while teaching children how to become responsible and accountable for their own success.

The 100 Mile Club® provides the opportunity to run or walk 100 miles at school during a single school year and is committed to improving school readiness to learn, creating better educational outcomes, building self-esteem and overall improved health in the lives of children.

A simple donation of $10 will sponsor one student for one year in The 100 Mile Club®.  100% of funds raised will directly sponsor students at participating schools.

We serve and inspire all kids to run and to be the very best they can be. It is our goal to help our children lead healthy and rewarding lives and ensure that our families become and remain healthy and thrive. 

It is our goal to:

  • Increase daily physical activity among children and adolescents.
  • Reduce the amount of time kids spend watching television, video games, and the Internet.
  • Improved school performance;
  • Create social, exciting and healthy incentives that reinforce long-term health and behavioral change.
  • Improved strength, heart and lung health, and mental and emotional health;
  • Prevent obesity, and diabetes in childhood and adulthood;
  • Actively promote and protect regular activity at home, at school, and in the community.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits that persist into adulthood, and thus, have a long-term impact on the health and well-being of future generations.

The last few years have earned The 100 Mile Club® both local and national recognition. Despite this growth, its sole mission remains unchanged: improve the well-being of children at school through daily physical activity in a noncompetitive, supportive, and inclusive environment. 


EIN: 20-8425786 •


100 Mile Club Holiday Half/5K

100 Mile Club Holiday Half/5K

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