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CROWDRISE : Jan 08, 2014
Tax ID: 45-1353398
BASED: Middletown, NY, United States


Join Us On Our Mission!!

Vision Statement: “Using Sports to engage, and empower, this generation to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” Mission Statement: Creating opportunities for youth in the Northeast to experience God through camps, sports, and missions. Building on the Rock of Jesus Christ by teaching Godly values and discipline! HONE YOUR SKILLS…BUILD YOUR CHARACTER…GROW YOUR FAITH!

Our Story

12th Rock Ministries was formed out of the hearts of Greg Jaloszynski and his brother Mark. Greg and Mark have worked side by side since 1999 in their business called Tree of Life Landscape Design. While working full time as business owners, they have run various Upward Sports programs for the youth in the Hudson Valley. God placed a passion for Camp ministry and sports in Greg’s heart while he served as the Rec Life Director at his College, and while working at a Christian camp during the summers of college When Mark and Greg established their landscape business, God laid it on their hearts together to run it for a time, but then move into using sports to reach kids for Him and to unite local churches as a cohesive task force for the Lord. Through obedience, they began 12th Rock Ministries.

The name 12th Rock was derived from the book of Joshua in the Bible. The 12 tribes had reached the Jordan river and had to cross in order to escape those pursuing them. They cried out to God to part the waters but it was not until they took the first step into the waters of that rushing river that the waters halted, piled up, and stood still so they were able to cross on dry land. As the masses traversed that dry river bed, each tribe took a stone (rock) from the ground where the river once ran and when they reached the other side, they placed those twelve rocks together as a monument to God’s faithfulness. This venture into ministry is a testament to God’s faithfulness as well. He required Greg and Mark to move, to take the first step, and He is making a way for His purpose to be fulfilled, His word to be shared, and His light to be shed as this ministry moves forward spreading the Gospel to children and their families using sports, camps, missions, and service projects.

How this all plays out:

12th Rock partners with churches, camps, and community organizations, uniting them as a whole, to run sports leagues, sports camps, missions trips, and service projects. At these events, children (& hopefully their families) are introduced to Jesus in a non-threatening, real-life kind of way.  12th Rock then aims to pair up these children with strong, Bible believing, Christian Churches where this new information and/or faith can be nurtured and discipled on a more consistent basis.  The current goal of 12th Rock is to carry out this mode of ministry primarily in the Northeast United States as this is an area of spiritual coldness and darkness. There are children right in our communities who don’t know who Jesus is!



Tax ID: 45-1353398 •


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