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13-13-13 for Rite of Passage Journeys

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Kysa Johnson wrote -

Who says 13 is unlucky? Not me! I am going to run thirteen 13.1 mile races in 2013 and while I run, I am going to raise money for an amazing organization, Rites of Passage Journeys - Journeys, for short. When I was 13 (see the trend?), I was fortunate to participate in a meaningful and fulfilling three week rite of passage trip with Journeys. I want others to be able to do the same and by raising money for the scholarship fund, I can help insure that no one will be turned away. The scholarships will be available for all of the programs Journeys runs - from 8 years old to 80! My GOAL is to raise $5,000. My DREAM is to raise $13,000!! To get more information, read on......

Who am I? My name is Kysa. I am a 17 year old avid runner who lives in Kirkland, WA. Up until this school year, I have been homeschooled. Now, I am an honor student at a local community college and preparing for a 4 year college.

What is a rite of passage? Simply put, a rite of passage is the process of marking a time of transition or change in your life in a meaningful way. Native cultures around the world have been creating and performing rites of passage for thousands of years. Our modern society does not always understand the value of marking these important times in ones life.

Why Rites of Passage Journeys? Journeys is a small organization that is doing powerful work that I want to support. I know that many organizations organize and facilitate rites of passage. From personal experience, I know that Journeys is top notch. My trip, Coming of Age for Girls, was a life affirming and shifting experience. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer with Journeys as others honored a transition. For a whole lot of information about rites of passage and Journeys, visit their website at:

What is the GOAL? In case you missed it or have forgotten, my goal is to raise $5,000 for Journeys. My DREAM is to raise $13,000 - $1,000 for every race I run. Wouldn’t that be incredible?!?

The races I will be running this year are as follows:
1. *Completed!* January 26 Rain Run, Marymoor Park
2. *Completed!* March 8 NW Trail Run, Redmond Watershed 
3. *Completed!* April 7
 Mud & Chocolate, Redmond Watershed
4. *Completed!* May 12
 Kirkland Half
5. *Completed!* June 8
 SCOTT Cougar Mountain Series
6. June 22

 Seattle Rock & Roll Half
7. July 5
 Spokane Negative Split
8. July 21
 XTERRA Trail Run, Lord Hill
9. August 11
 Mud & Chocolate, Soaring Eagle Park
10. September 21 NW Trail Run, Middle Fork
11. October 13 Spokane Half
12. November 3 Mud and Chocolate, Redmond Watershed
13. December 1 Seattle Half

The Team: $2,715 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Kysa Johnson

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54% Raised of $5,000 Goal

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John Latham

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