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EVENT: Oklahoma City Marathon 2013

EVENT DATE: Apr 26, 2013

Brendan Brustad


The 13th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is right around the corner. I will not be running this year. I've hung up the running shoes temporarily, and replaced them with a lifting belt and "slippers."


Some of you know I've been power-lifting for a while now, and have been pretty successful. What you don't know that it has only been preparation for my last 168-4-168 challenge. Over the past few years I have had the privilege of honoring the 168 lives that were lost during the Oklahoma City bombing. Oklahoma and the Oklahoma City National Memorial opened their arms and have supported me through all my "run for a reason" endeavors. I am forever grateful that they have allowed me to do some of the most physically challenging feats in honor of their mission and cause.


Last years marathon was hands down the hardest challenge I've had to date, but with great support from 20,000+ runners/spectators and friends I pushed through the finish line with 168 pounds on my back. Physically and mentally I've always been strong, but on the spiritual side is a different story. I remember 2 miles into the run last year I was at the lowest of lows, already throwing up and overheating. I know some of you may not be religious, but I looked up to the sky, and asked God for some help. Larry Hutchenson, a pastor here in Oklahoma, came back from his half marathon to finish with me. God works in some mysterious ways sometimes.


This brings me to the motto for this year.. OVERCOME. If you get a chance, listen to the song Overcome by Jeremy Camp. Every time I listen to that song I feel spiritually on fire, like I can do anything. Amazing what one word can do. Overcome. It can inspire, it can motivate, it can raise you up.


In the marathon of life, there are ups and there are downs, good days, and bad days. Somehow we find the strength within, to OVERCOME. When I think about it, I think of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  I think of the rescue workers, the survivors, the families. So much happened that tragic day in 1995, but everyone came together, rebuilt, healed, united, and they did OVERCOME at a great time of tragedy.


For my last 168-4-168 challenge, my saying to you is simple. "OVERCOME"



This years challenge.................................


Straight from the Guinness Book of World Records...


The 24 hour deadlift record by an individual is 475,065 kg (1,047,337 lb 12 oz) by Ian Atkinson at Thorn Cross Young Offenders Institution, Warrington, UK on 15-16 November 2002.


Deadlifting for 24 hours straight?  A million + pounds? Where is the significance of that?


Staying true to what I've done through the years, to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the 168 lives, I will only lift in increments of 168 pounds.

This will make the challenge even tougher, but that's why its challenging right?! This translates to thousands of repetitions, which leaves little to no time for breaks or relaxation. I wouldn't have it any other way though.


It doesn't stop there. After 24 hours of lifting. I will join you all in the 13th Annual Memorial Marathon and needless to say I will have some extra baggage :)


My hands will be shot, my legs will be bleeding, my back will certainly be sore, but no matter what, I will give everything I got.


When we want to give up, when everything is hurting, we will OVERCOME.


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