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1687's THE FACTS a TV/Web/Radio series - 8th season

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BENEFITING: 1687, Inc.

EVENT DATE: Dec 25, 2017


1. What is THE FACTS?  a 30-minute TV/Web/Radio series of original one act plays broadcast weekly on cable TV in New York, NY and provided for free on the web since 2009 

THE FACTS is a delicate, evocative TV series - an example of 21st century fine art - conceived and produced by an artist who has watched a lot of TV working with a staff of twenty people in New York City and, virtually, in Europe and the United States. Everything on the show is original. THE FACTS is an always evolving, non-commercial (probably) artwork.


Sample Audience Comment: 

Verstörend, aber beeindruckend!!! (Disturbing, but impressive!!!) Uta Moser, painter     


Sample Audience Comment: 

So impressive!   I enjoyed the weaving of music and narrative. Sometimes the narrative seemed like lyrics at other times commentary. The performers were excellent. You've   given me new departures to explore. Andres Fernandez, composer     

The series stories are about power struggles between individuals or individuals and establishment e.g. Slice Of The Facts: Radio Gets Married 2.8, and incorporate material about writing stories and music – Plays Within The Play, e.g. Thinking & Making Art. About 70% of the episodes are fictional stories made of written & improvised music, text, and pictures; 30% of episodes are one-on-one interviews or panel discussions between experts in a given field e.g. Effects of Rape.

Episodes of THE FACTS have a variety of characters, plots, and formats. The constants are the storytellers: the musicians that blend music and text. The core trio (two soprano voices, and flute) play composed and freely improvised music. The lead soprano, also the writer/composer, delivers most of the text. Text, music, and still photos are interwoven – one taking over for the other. THE FACTS could simply be one long piece of music that includes text and pictures like writing in a painting.

♣ The character driven plots, e.g. Charlie’s Fantasy, as well as descriptions of the characters and settings are provided by the text. Plot turns are punctuated with music – music lends itself to the foggy texture and myriad cross-referencing common to emotional experiences.

♣ The psychologically expressive music examines scenes from a character’s inner life, or circumstances they find themselves in, e.g. racism, office politics, love affairs.

♣ Visual layers are created during taping and editing. We shoot in a spare TV studio, our instruments and equipment are the props and set. The video editors manipulate the raw footage by cropping photos, adding effects and visuals from other sources - usually abstract e.g. Slice of The Facts: The Fix Is In 3.6. Several painters, sculptors and photographers allow us to use their images; these pictures, like the music, are about a character’s situation - our audience imagines what the characters actually look like.

How Do People See Or Hear THE FACTS?

Since fall 2009, weekly half-hour broadcasts of THE FACTS have been available on three New York City cable TV networks: Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), RCN, and Verizon. At this writing, we have broadcast 115 episodes.

The series is also distributed, free of charge and ads, through 14 distribution and social media web sites. Audio from the series is broadcast on the web on Soundcloud, and Stitcher Radio.

Every quarter episodes examine a theme e.g. Fall 2017: MOTIVATIONS FOR OPPRESSING PEOPLE  pt. 3 combined fiction episodes AKA original plays about 

1) Artists struggling with their need to find/tell some truth in a hostile environment, e.g. MILAGROS' FAILURES and MILAGROS' DEFENSES, and 

2) People from other walks of life manuvering racism,  misogyny, and ageism e.g, THINKING ABOUT SANDRA BLAND and BABY'S AGE, with

3) Discussions on US Foreign Policy and New York City Government, e.g. Discussions with LGBT leader Pauline Park: MULIPLE OPPRESSIONS and SOME CORRUPTIONS

What we’ll do with these donations: Ninety percent of your donations will pay stipends for project personnel - Pay scales for artistic and technical personnel are based on union standards, stipends for administrative personnel are based on one hourly rate; 10% will be used for supplies and distribution fees. During the year we will post progress reports including financial details - links will be emailed to all donors.

The eighth season of THE FACTS will consist of fifty-two half-hour episodes (25.5 hours of programming) presented on TV, web video and radio. Eighteen of these episodes will be produced from January and December 2018

Our 8th season runs from January 1 – December 31. We've finished two new music episodes: RADIO AS A DANCER parts 1, 2 - set in the future, Radio, a 300-years-old architect, is frustrated by corporate control over his designs, he becomes a dancer/choreographer for artistic freedom.  We expect to complete four more by April 2018: NIESHA URGENT pts 1, 2, 3, & 4  - set in the present Niesha is exploring what she needs (and why) in a romantic partner. The remaining 12 new episodes will be produced between February and December 2018.

Music: These teleplays will feature original music and our core musical ensemble: Andrew Bolotowsky, Beth Griffith, and Lenore Von Stein. Guest musicians and visual artists are To Be Determined. Past guest musicians include: Mary Hurlbut, Rachel Evans, Jim Theobald, and Dom Minasi.

Past visual artists include Kjell Varvin, Lana Land, Didier Van De Steene, and Wiliam Gorter.

Discussions will focus on economics - "How Money Moves Around" Guests are TBD.

Past discussion guests include: Michael Parenti, David Cay Johnston, Johann Hari, Ret. Brigadier General James Cullen, Charlotte Meehan, Professor Baz Dreisinger, and Carol Lang.


Reward #1 - All donors will be acknowledged individually by emailed donation receipt, as well as on our website, and annual report. 1687, Inc. is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law

1.    Pledge $5.00 - $20.00 Acknowledged in the donation receipt, on our website and annual report.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017

We offer the following rewards for donations of $21.00 or more:

2.    Pledge $21.00 - $75.00 Donors will receive an email with a signed photo from a production outtake and reward #1.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017

3.    Pledge $76.00 - $150.00 Donors will receive an email with a signed backstage photo from and reward #1 & 2.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017

4.    Pledge $151.00 - $500.00  Donor or donor group will receive a limited edition signed script from one episode and rewards #1, 2, & 3.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017

5.    Pledge $501.00 - $2,000.00  Donor or donor group will receive an associate producer credit on a single episode and rewards #1, 2, 3, & 4.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017

6.    Pledge $2,750 Donor or donor group will also receive an executive producer credit on two related episodes and rewards #1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.  Estimated delivery based on donation date: Dec 2016 – June 2017


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John Starosta


1 year ago

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Marc Mannheimer


1687 is a cutting edge Arts organization that produces "The Facts" that can be seen on NYC Public Access TV, with many slices on various topics found on their website 2 years ago