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18 Y/O's entrepreneur cat-hotel cafe: Alternative to kennel

Organized by: Elise Finney

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Ideas and Planning Stage
April 19, 2016

We've got many pages of first draft plans, so we'll keep you posted! See More


Hello. There is a lot of information about why I personally am creating this cat cafe, but I'd like to focus on the intention of the cat-hotel cafe, before mentioning why I am looking for donations.

  • MY GOAL: So, my idea is: Instead of leaving cats in nasty kennels, where all they see all day are the bars of a cramped cage, with no freedom… The cat cafe will provide cats with temporary environment that is safe, comforting, brain-stimulating and spacious play area that a regular kennel cannot offer. Here, the other cats will have the ability to interact with other friendly cats and receive affection from cat-lovers that visit the cafe because they enjoy feline company and good drinks/ snacks. During the cats' stay at the hotel-cafe, the owner is free to travel cat-free, worry-free and guilt-free! We intend to make the cats' visit better and cheaper than a kennel cage fee.
  • INSPIRATION: I went to this cat cafe (which are an upcoming trend in Thailand, in which pedigree cats are the main attraction in a cat themed bistro) in order calm myself down from what was devastating news to receive today, but when I was at the cafe, stroking all the cats, I realised they were indifferent and probably sick of humans. I then had this epiphany to swap cats in and out when they're not needed by their owners.
  • WHAT I NEED TO ACHIEVE WITH FUNDS AND WHY (in a nutshell): - I need to get a lease on a shop house that allows animals and is big enough to support a few cats, a kitchen and a storage room. This will be no small sum and is where the money will mainly be used up. - I need cat supplies! You know the deal :D - I need a few employees. I'm intending on running this with my boyfriend and a few volunteers from school (but they will still have their educational commitments). - A small fee will go towards advertising - A decent sum will go towards buying cooking materials and devices… Though we won't be fancy. Food isn't the focus. - We will adopt, spay and vaccinate three stray cats that will start off our cafe and be permanent residents, for when the cat-hotel is barren and there are cat-loving-customers hoping to spend time with a few furries.
  • ~~~~~~~Why fundraise instead of use my own money?~~~~~~~ Because the age of majority in my country (Thailand) is 20 and not 18, and my parents won't release the money I intended to use from my bank savings (under their overarching account). If you're wondering and curious as to why I'm so eager to start my business now, then feel free to read my backstory below, but I am not trying to guilt trip you into giving me money from sympathy. I promise the information below is true. If, however, you are not into 'woe-is-me' personal backgrounds, but still are interested in helping me with the cat cafe, you need not read further. Thank you!
  • MY BACKSTORY: I will be 18 soon, and I always wanted to be a teacher of English, because literature and language are passions of mine. I enjoyed my studies at an IB school, until something devastating happened. One of my favourite teachers, whom I looked up to as a second father turned out to be a paedophile and groomed me. Things got sexual really fast, and when he said he loved me and only me, I fell for it too. This is when I was a fifteen year old prude, completely inexperienced in the world of sex talk (aside from the sex ed classes in school). I was so shocked when he left the school and stopped talking to me, fearing his career would end when they discovered his advances towards me. I fainted, breaking off my two front teeth and dislodging a calcium deposit in my ear which has plagued my life with bouts of vertigo. I can't study when I have these severe dizzy spells, and I vomit. I also became anorexic and extremely depressed. I missed a lot of school back then, so I dropped out. Two years later, I decided to prosecute, but the school that hired three pedos/perverts at the same time at the school (that all supported each other) will not go any further. This is the depressing news I received just today, that I referred to earlier (the reason I went to relieve stress at an already existing cat cafe). There is nothing that I can do, legally… Because there just isn't evidence. And he knows I tried to taint his reputation. He is furious and even though I blocked him, he wrote to my family to express his anger and threats to sue for defamation. I seriously thought about being a mere high school dropout (my parents are so disappointed in me), but I realised I'm more than that… and that I want to start my own little business here with cats. I have been a vegetarian animal lover since I was four. So, now that you know why I just cannot face high school again, and cannot wait to start my business to prove there are other ways at being successful (not just a couch potato), I would ever so much appreciate your funding me.
  • If you do donate, and you want to see evidence of my progress, please leave your e-mail so I can update you with pictures and news. Thank you so much for your attention, and I hope you find my cause worthy.




1% Raised of $2,000 Goal

  • Uther Pendragon


Organized by

Elise Finney

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Uther Pendragon

Uther Pendragon


I love the idea; such creativity deserves to be motivated, and put forward, so I truly hope you get enough donations to fund this! It's a big world, but go out there and leave your mark! Nobody can blame you for trying. Maybe it's a risk, but you are risking it on your own ability, so never doubt it! 2 years ago

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