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Our Story

Some of us never were able to fight for our freedom.  Our soldiers did.  You can do your part by helping them re-engage in the workforce, and get a job.


When our soldiers left home and went on active duty, the world and economy was very different – there were more jobs and less people searching.  Today, the scales have tipped the other way – there are less jobs and more competition.  Also, the job search process is very, very different than before. 


Today, there is an average of 74 applications for each job opening!

Today, the number one source of hire is referrals.


Veterans know how to work in a team, think on their feet and accomplish goals.  Veterans can be in very difficult situations and still perform.  In their world, however, qualifications are literally worn on your sleeve and there are clear job progression paths.  The civilian job process can appear chaotic to a veteran.  Interviewing?  Writing a resume that makes sense to a non-veteran?  Professional networking? Those are some of their challenges.


The average job search is 8 months


As of May, a post 9/11 Veteran is 22% more likely to be unemployed than a non-Veteran.


Consider the technology that has permeated our lives and has changed the hiring process.  Enter LinkedIn.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Many job-seekers have trouble using these and veterans with under-developed networks and military-style resumes have even more trouble.


This program: 1kVets


1kVets will work with 1,000 Veterans and help them through one of the hard parts of their job search in an intense 6-month program.


Here is what our program will offer


1-on-1 mentoring with Veterans.  A Veteran helping a Veteran.  Face to face.  Using our mentor network, we will work to match a Veteran in their job-search to Veteran mentor in the work force, in their local area.  An existing, established Veteran can relate to our new soldiers coming home.


Training.  Many in the workforce do not like training.  Veterans are used to training – all throughout their deployment, they trained for numerous missions.  Now with a mission of finding a job, they need training in the skills and tools required – writing a resume, targeting the right employer, mapping their military skills to civilian skills, interview skills, using social networking, etc.


Tools.  Sure, we will be working with our Veterans using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.   Think about what a job seeker does today - rather that comb through dozens of job-boards, thousands of openings, hundreds of friends, we are leveraging a patent-pending job-seeker platform to make this happen automatically and intelligently and all the time.


What’s different about our program?


There are other efforts out there to hire Veterans.  Most of these efforts are led by employers who are very focused on their needs, not necessarily the Veteran.  To put it bluntly:

For everyone ONE job opening, employers (or recruiters) want FIVE candidates.

We want EACH Veteran to get FIVE great jobs.


Our program is not focused on any specific employer, any specific job board, nor any specific social network.


Our program is focused 100% on the Veteran!


What will your donation buys:


For each Veteran, the program costs $150.00 – only $25/month.   For 1,000 Veterans (1kVets – get it?) we can help take a bite out of veteran unemployment.


$25 will provide 1 Veteran 1 month of the program

$50 will provide 1 Veteran 2 months of the program

$150 will provide 1 Veteran the entire 6-month program

$1,500 will put 10 Veterans through the entire 6-month program

$15,000 will put 100 Veterans through the entire 6-month program

and of course,

$150,000 will put 1,000 Veterans though the entire 6-month program


What if we raise more money?  We will help more Veterans!  It’s that simple!


To see how we help Veterans, please see:



You can also mail a check to:

GallantFew, Inc
PO Box 1157
Roanoke, TX 76262

Download a printable donation form

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