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2016 Citizens for Citizen Schools Photo
2016 Citizens for Citizen Schools Photo
2016 Citizens for Citizen Schools Photo
2016 Citizens for Citizen Schools Photo
2016 Citizens for Citizen Schools Photo

The Story

Citizens for Citizens Schools (C4CS) is an annual grassroots campaign in which Citizen Schools champions commit to raising funds by sharing our mission with their friends, family and colleagues.

About Citizen Schools

Who we serve

We serve adolescents in low-income communities because they are at a critical point in their development - and searching for their pathway into the adult world.

What we do

We partner with low-income communities that need additional support and resources. Our program supports academic achievement in core subjects like English Language Arts and Mathematics, while building important 21st Century and Social Emotional skills through real-world learning experiences. 

Every semester Citizen Schools students participate in 10-week apprenticeships taught by Citizen Teachers.

Students are transformed into website designers, lawyers, financial advisers, and much more, learning how their current academics apply to a future pathway. We design curriculum to connect academic and 21st century standards to careers and real life. Each semester culminates in a WOW! event where students teach back what they learned to teachers, parents, and community members. The name “WOW!” is simply the most common reaction from adults when they see what our students have accomplished.

Our impact

We are closing the gap in middle school performance, high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment.

Citizen Schools aims to effectively set students’ sights on high school graduation and post-secondary matriculation, while building the 21st century skills, beliefs, and networks they will need to thrive in the modern economy.

The Impact is clear - accelerated academic gains and a clearer path to real-world skills and higher education.

Team Organizer's Photo

Council of Champions

Amount Raised: