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2017 ACTIVEx Charity Challenge

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Jordon Nicole Richards


  Growing up I never considered myself "athletic" be frank I was the lanky awkward girl that lacked self-confidence(and coordination..). It wasn’t until the 11th grade that I participated in organized sports, joining the track team after receiving encouragement from my father.

I  had anticipated the experience to be physically challenging, but I was not prepared for the mental and spiritual growth that soon followed. I'll admit...when I first started I was weak, and some might even say a bit of a quitter. I would have to stop running at the first sign of a muscle ache.  (I mean I would literally stop running  during the middle of practice and sit down on the track...)

Lucky for me I had an AMAZING group of coaches & a dad who believed in me. My coaches continued to push & encourage me through my struggles,  teaching me to never give up. These lessons echoed well beyond the walls of athletics, pushing me  to face challenges head on and most importantly to believe in myself. 

The changes I was seeing in practice slowly began translating into my everyday life. I  transformed from a "lanky awkward girl" into a strong, confident woman. 

By the end of my junior year I was a 3 sport athlete, competing in Track, Cross Country & Power-lifting. The entire experience taught me that discipline, confidence, and hard work pays off. I will use what I learned in those two short years for the rest of my life. 

By donating to KIDS IN THE GAME you will be helping underprivileged children learn and devlop important skills that can change their lives. It isn't just about playing posrts, it is allowing kids to discover their full potential. 

The Team: $14,923 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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