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2017 Paris Marathon | General Donations

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Elites of Life 

Running a marathon demands months of training, dedication and time. It means training your body's resistance to be able to cross the finish line after running the glorious 42km and get the most dreamed and desired "Marathoner finisher medal". You are finally defined as a former Marathoner!  

But fighting against cancer is a "Life marathon", where you also put a lot of time and dedication but to resist the treatments, the strong medications, the Chemo effects, the physical changes and new life habits. You have to resist months of strong treatment to be able to get to the end and be a “Former survivor".  In this case, crossing the finish line means that you won the battle against cancer; you won one of the toughest Marathons a person can run. Your prize isn't a medal, it is the most valuable thing you have: your life. If there are people who should be named real Marathoners are those who have to fight this kind of battle...they are by far, the "Elite of life". 

The main reason I want to run and be able to help raise money for Cancer Research is because I know what the battle implies and I would like to help those that have to deal with it. My inspiration is by far, one of the people I love the most: my adorable mom.  

She won the battle against cancer 10 years ago and she is now fighting a Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. It started as a  low grade lymphoma but after seeing her sudden deterioration they made her more studies to find out that it changed into an aggressive one where the doctors said" She can live but there is no time to waste". It was at that moment that she began with chemo cycles. She has her ups and downs, good and bad days. The treatment is long and sometimes tiring but I admit she is a real fighter.  

Family, in cancer is like a pressure cooker of family stress where fear, anger, grief, broken hearts and cold minds are all a side of it. Family must function as a unit of care.  

Physicians, nurses and other health care providers are a key factor in the recovery. I feel fortunate and thanked for the excellent team that is taking care of my mom. They demonstrate the real medical skill: tell the truth and never destroy the patient’s hope and they are sensitive to the real needs of family and parents.  Her energy and strength added to their constant support makes it easier to deal with the treatment.  

As a result, I can now say that I have hope and I would like to help others feel the same way. It is a hard battle but with the right support, care and love, it is one that can be won.  

We are all involved in this: patient, family, physicians, nurses, health care providers and all of the community.  Every little help can make a big difference, and as a consequence, there can be more "Elites of Life" 

The streets of Paris are waiting us...See you at the finish line!  




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