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Boston Marathon Toolkit

This year, the Boston Marathon wants to raise more money for their charity program than ever before.

So, to make fundraising super easy, we created this toolkit for you to use. It's basically a reference guide full of tips, email drafts, sample calendars, etc. to make your campaign really successful and to help you raise more money than you ever thought possible for your cause.

Check it all out and please Email Us with any questions. We're here to help with everything.


Telling your charity's story on your team fundraising page is so important to engaging your runners to help raise money for your organization. Uploading great pics and a video makes your page look amazing and people will be more likely to stick around to learn about your cause. You can customize everything quickly and easily. You should do this before you share your team page with your runners. Any text and photos you have on your team page will transfer over to your runner pages. See below for instructions...


Log into your CrowdRise account by clicking LOGIN in the site header.


Click on the EDIT FUNDRAISER tab at the top of your fundraiser page.

Edit Basic Fundraiser Info

From this view you can edit your fundraiser name, edit your The Story text and set an event date. Be sure to click the SAVE button to save your changes.

Add and Edit Your Fundraiser Pics

Scroll down and click the (Edit) link at the right of the UPLOAD PICS AND VIDEOS section.

You can easily delete photos by clicking the X on any pic you wish to remove. In order to upload new photos, click the grey box with the plus + sign.

Choose an Image File and Crop

Clicking the grey box with the + sign will open a file upload. Click the CHOOSE FILE button, and navigate to the folder where you have the image you want to upload. Please note, 375x375 is the ideal size and images must be smaller that 3 Megabytes. Once you've selected your image click the orange UPLOAD PHOTO link. This will upload your photo. If your image is not square, you'll be asked to crop it. Simply move the dotted crop lines over the part of the image you'd like to display and then click the CROP PHOTO button.

Add a Video to Your Fundraising Page

Scroll down and click the (Edit) link at the right of the VIDEOS section.

Copy and paste the URL link of the video you want to display from either YouTube or Vimeo. You can choose to have your video show up first on your page by checking the Show my video before my photos checkbox.

Getting Runners on Your Team

Share Your Page

Send the link to your 2017 Boston Marathon team page to your runners and ask them to select the JOIN THE TEAM button to the left of the donate button

Login or Create Account

If they already have a CrowdRise account, they can login. Or, create a new account on CrowdRise by clicking the SIGN UP FOR CROWDRISE button. Runners can login in via their Facebook account, too.

Complete Setup

Once logged in, they’ll be asked to confirm joining the team they’ve selected. Click the JOIN THE TEAM button.

Fundraising Page

Now, your runner will have their own fundraiser page. The fundraiser is a carbon-copy of the team page you set up but now under the runner’s name. Now it’s time for them to customize their page and tell their story.

Campaign Updates

The campaign update tool allows you to post an update to your page that will automatically be sent out to anyone who has made a donation to your page. Updating your supporters is key to raising more money. It keeps them engaged, allows you to customize your asks, and definitely provides more communication throughout the marathon campaign. And, we've found that those charities that post campaign updates raise 3x more and have 4x as many repeat donors.

To get started click on Post an Update.

Give your post a title, add a photo and text that you'd like to share with your donors. You can include info about how your training is going, why the cause is important to you, or thank donors who have made donations.

Review your post and publish it to your page.

Your post will populate in the campaign updates box and also be sent out to people who have already made a donation to your page.

Just for fun, here are some awesome examples of the update tool in action:

1. General Updates – “We just reached $5,000!”
2. Quick Call to Action – “Our match ends tomorrow. Give now to double your impact!”
3. Personal Stories – “Christopher’s chemo treatment is on Friday – Thanks for thinking of us.”
4. Show Impact – “Because of your support we were able to rebuild the Smith’s home.”
5. Send thank-yous to all of your supporters – “We did it – Thanks so much.”

A few additional quick notes:

- Your CrowdRise campaign update will post to your fundraiser to be viewed by all visitors to your page.
- Your update will also automatically be emailed to all of your current donors.
- Your donors can opt out of receiving your future campaign updates by following the link at the bottom of the campaign update email.

Edit Team Preferences

If you want to remove the "Fundraise for this Campaign" button on your page so that no one else joins your team, you'll need to uncheck the box under "Edit Team Preferences" that reads "I want other people to help me fundraise." This is all located within the "MANAGE TEAM" tab.

If you to restrict your runners from entering their own offline donations on their fundraising pages, you'll need to uncheck the box under "Edit Team Preferences" that reads "Allow other Team Members to Enter Offline Donations."

Send a Team Message

Using your "Toolkit" drop down under your "MANAGE TEAM" tab, you can send a message to your entire team. All you need to do is select "Send a Team Message" and type in the message you'd like to send to everyone who is part of your CrowdRise fundraising team.

View Team Members

Under your "Manage Team" tab you will have access to view all of the team members (runners) who are fundraising for your charity. Your fundraisers are ordered by amount raised online. If you ever need to hide a member from your team, hover over "Team Member Options" and select the "Hide Team Member" link in the dropdown that appears.

Fundraising Minimums

The Team

Select the MANAGE TEAM tab on your Fundraiser Page.

Select the Toolkit Dropdown and then select “Fundraising Minimum Manager”

Click Setup Minimums

From here, you can select "Edit Min. Amount" or "Edit Deadline". Preview your changes with the orange "Preview" button and when you're ready, hit the "Save" button.

Enter Offline Donations (in 2 minutes)


LOGIN to Your CrowdRise Account and Go to Your Fundraiser Page

Click on the MANAGE TEAM tab


Enter Details

Enter the Name of Your Donor(s) and the Donation Amount(s) and Then Click SAVE AND CLOSE. If you Need to Enter More Donations, Click SAVE AND ADD MORE

Donation Reports

Pulling reports from your campaign will help you with your overall fundraising. You can get Donation Reports in real-time, anytime, through your Report Center on CrowdRise. See below for some quick instructions….


Log into your CrowdRise account by clicking LOGIN in the site header.


Go to your fundraiser page and click on the REPORT CENTER tab on the far right side.

Select Report Type

Select the type of report you'd like to export from the drop down menus, choose a date range and click the EXPORT REPORT button on the bottom right. Your browser will download the report in .csv format, compatible with Excel.

Team Organizer Total vs. Team Total

The Team Organizer of a fundraiser is the creator of the fundraiser. Donations made to your Team Organizer page are donations made to your team page and not to a specific runner. Once a fundraiser is set up, Team Members (runners) can join the fundraiser by clicking on "Fundraise for This Campaign" and all the donations they raise will not only tally up on their individual pages, the total raised through everyone's efforts will also be listed on the Organizer's page under the "Donate" button.

In "The Team" section, the total raised is broken up between the Organizer and all the Team Members. That way, you can see how much everyone has raised. In this example, the Team Organizer raised $30,375 and the entire team has raised $50,685.


Tips: Your Fundraising Page
The more compelling your page is, the more likely people will stick around to learn about your cause.

Tell your story.
Add a logo, lots of great photos, and a video if at all possible. Some great examples can be seen Here, Here, and Here.
If you can make your fundraiser tangible by suggesting donation amounts to your supporters that will lead to real life results, that’s even better. For example, a $10 donation will provide one malaria bed net to help an at-risk family in Africa.

Tips: Engage With Donors and Fundraisers
Use contests, online tools, email and social media to spark interest and get donations.

Email drives donations way, way, way better then social media, and typically, the more people you can email, the more money you’ll raise for your charity.
If possible, try emailing in batches of 10, not 1,000 or even 100. Making everyone feel slightly less anonymous will lead to more engagement.
Use Facebook and Twitter to update people about your fundraising campaign.
Use Tools like Fundraising Widgets and get your fundraiser posted on your site, blog and all over the internet. To access your widget, go to your “Edit Fundraiser” tab and then select “My Fundraiser Widget” located on the right.
Make your donors and fundraisers feel cool and appreciated. Be so good at thanking them and communicating with them that they're psyched to be a part of your team. The goal is to get everyone to share your message with their own friends and family.
Offer incentives to engage donors and fundraisers.

Tips: Keep the Energy High
Momentum is so important. Keep pushing right up to the deadline and a little afterwards.

Check your fundraising page statistics constantly to understand what's working.
Post updates about your fundraising page every other day to keep people informed about how it's going.
Use deadlines to create some urgency and rally support.

Tips: Raise the Most Money
Make sure that you'll raise the most money possible while your campaign and cause are in the spotlight.

Expand your audience. Don’t just rely on your supporters: Compel your volunteers, your board…
Continue to post updates even after the campaign is over.

Sample Messaging

Sample Email to Get Runners to Join Your Fundraising Team:


We’re super excited to have you on our 2017 Boston Marathon team and thanks so much for helping to support our cause. It's going to be an amazing race.

Here are some quick next steps to get your fundraising page live...

2. Click "JOIN THE TEAM"
3. Sign in or sign up for CrowdRise
4. Go to your "Edit Fundraiser" tab to personalize the text and photos on your page

In seconds, you'll be part of our team and have have your own personal fundraising page. You can then edit your page and send it to everyone you know so that you can start raising money. We're asking that all of our runners raise a minimum of [DOLLAR AMOUNT] and we're ready to make it really easy. See below for a sample email you can change any way you want and send along to everyone you know.

If you have any questions or need any help with your fundraiser, please Email Us or email CrowdRise ( We'll all be ready to help.


Sample Email You Can Share with Your Runners to Send to Their Friends and Family:


I just signed up for the 2017 Boston Marathon. It's going to be so amazing.

Not only will I be training like crazy for my run, but more importantly, I’m going to leverage all that training and hard work to help raise money for [YOUR CHARITY NAME].

I'm reaching out to everyone I know to help me raise [YOUR FUNDRAISING GOAL] for this cause. Any amount you can give is amazing and so appreciated.

Just click here [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE] to check out my fundraiser and click the big donate button. Please give what you can. It'll take you about ten seconds.

Here are some quick facts about my cause...


Thanks so much for your support.


Sample Email to Runners Who've Joined your Fundraising Team:


We’re super excited to have you on our 2017 Boston Marathon team.

Here’s what you should do now…

Send an email to all your friends and family with a link to your fundraiser. Tell them about your run and ask them to give to your cause and that any amount, large or small, makes a huge difference. We recommend reaching out to people a few at a time to make ‘em feel less anonymous than they would feel if you send an email to a thousand people at once.

Please Email Us or email CrowdRise at if you have any questions about your fundraiser. We'll all be ready to help.

Thanks so much.


Sample Email to Send to your Runners to Help Them Raise Money:


We can't thank you enough for all of your dedication to help raise money for our cause in this year's Boston Marathon. We know that, along with all the training you're doing, raising even $1000 can seem daunting. So, we wanted to get you a quick list to make everything slightly more manageable and fun. Or, at least more manageable.

Below is a break down of an 11-day fundraising strategy that you can use to raise your next $1000. Please check it out and let us know if you have any questions. We're definitely ready to help.

Thanks again for your support.

RAISE $1000 IN 11 DAYS

DAY 1 Donate $100 to your own page

DAY 2: Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband for $100

DAY 3: Ask your nicest brother or sister for $50

DAY 4: Ask 6 friends for $25 each

DAY 5: Ask 5 acquaintances for $25

DAY 6: Ask both of your neighbors for $25

DAY 7: Ask 4 relatives for $50

DAY 8: Ask your boss for $100

DAY 9: Ask 4 people you work with for $25

DAY 10: Rest for a day

DAY 11: Ask an old teacher for $25



Use Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blogs, PR, etc. to promote your fundraiser. No one will engage if they don’t know about your fundraiser. And, please assume that email will work at least 100 times better than social media. So, a 10,000 person following on Twitter will likely convert similarly to a 100 person email list.

Campaign Launch Examples…

Help support our 2017 Boston Marathon runners. Click here to check out our team page: [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
Make your donation even more meaningful. Support one of our 2017 Boston Marathon runners [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
Our marathoners are running to support [SPECIFIC CAUSE INFO]. Go here to sponsor their run. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
First 5 to donate at least $25 for our 2017 Boston Marathon fundraiser & email [EMAIL ADDRESS] about it get an Official Race/Charity Tee. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER] - This would be a tee shirt from your charity.

Engagement Examples…

Please take a second and check out all the awesome fundraising [RUNNER’S NAME] is doing for [YOUR CHARITY NAME] right now. So, so great. [LINK TO RUNNER'S PAGE]
[RUNNER’S NAME] is raising all kinds of money for our charity. Everyone, please check out [HIS/HER] fundraiser and try to be more like [RUNNER’S NAME]. [LINK TO RUNNER'S PAGE]
We are [$X] away from our [$X] goal. Please help us get there. Support one of our 2017 Boston Marathon runners here. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]

Contest Examples…

Next 3 to raise at least $50 get their photo on the [YOUR CHARITY NAME] website for a day. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
Donate at least $25 & you’ll be entered to win [CHARITY PRIZE]. You’ll support our marathoners and give to a great cause. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]

Just for Fun…

How many pairs of shoes does the average marathoner go through while training? Hint: The answer is not 3. Or, maybe it is. [ANSWER: 2-3 PAIRS] [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
Next to chime in with a complaint about your most recent 2017 Boston Marathon training run gets [PRIZE]. For real. [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]
We have some amazing supporters running in the 2017 Boston Marathon for our cause. What would you do to support your favorite charity? [LINK TO MARATHON FUNDRAISER]

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