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2017 NoticeAbility Summer Drive



The Story

Last February, NoticeAbility was contacted by Aparna Rajesh, co-captain of Prototype G, a 9-person, all-female robotics team from New Jersey (ages 13-17 years old). Aparna had seen Dean’s Ted Talk and contacted NoticeAbility for advice: How could Prototype G teach their dyslexic friend about robotics (which, after all, caters to the dyslexic advantage). Dean’s response was simple: Help NoticeAbility create a Robotics Engineering curriculum under the guidance of Professor Cynthia Breazeal (arguably MIT’s most recognizable robotics expert) and the Engineering School at Harvard University. Aparna jumped at the chance. This fall, NoticeAbility, members of Prototype G, Professor Breazeal and the Harvard Univesity will begin work on our 3rd curriculum! Please help us make this campaign possible by donating today!


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