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20 Years of Hempfest

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May 19, 2012

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Chris Malone



OMB Productions is proud to announce a very special project . . . 


20 Years of Hempfest. The Documentary.


The prohibition of Cannabis and the senseless incarcerations of our fellow citizens needs to end now. 

We may very well look back on this time and recognize it as that special moment where people came together and truly made a difference.


Using the 20 year history of Hempfest as the back drop, 

we will chronicle the story of the movement. 

Learn about the real science behind natures medicine with leaders in the field.

Bust the common myths about the plant and its uses. 

Discuss the politics with national, state and local politicians,

Add up the numbers in the business of hemp with leading economists

Talk law with police officers, attorneys and prosecutors.

Share the history of hemp in this country and other civilizations 

and reveal the truth all along the way.


There are a lot of documentaries out there on this subject, 

what is different about this one?  

First and foremost we have the story of the Largest Free Speech Rally 

in the country, the undisputed KING of Cannabis Festivals, that just 

celebrated it’s 20th year with more then 300,000 in attendance.


We already have interviews in the can with: 

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Steve DeAngelo, 

Rick Steeves, Doug Hiatt, Vivian McPeak, John Davis, Russ Belville, 

Cheryl Shuman, Elvy Musikka, Jody Emery, Ngaio Bealum and many more. 

Plus many more to come.


We have hundreds of hours of film from this years festival,

as well as 2010.

Including picking up the permit from the city, walking the site with homeland security, behind the scenes of set up, tear down, insight from Vivian and John day by day, 

exclusive VIP party footage and statements from more then a hundred volunteers 

on what the event and the cause means to them.



By combining an entertaining story with facts and figures, 

real science, interviews, music and narration - someone like 

Woody Harrelson - all packaged and presented with a modern, 

art directed look and feel, we are creating something that we 

hope will bring the real story into the main stream. 


Let’s bust the myths and deliver the truth to the masses


Our plan is introducing the Documentary in the Film Festival circuit. 

We have already begun production and are on track for a Fall 2012 release date. Anyone want to go to Sundance . . ? Festivals love movies with controversy and a message, this has both and is sure to garner lot’s of attention.  With the press and buzz we generate, we hope to negotiate a distribution deal for a limited theatrical roll out. Showtime or HBO are other options at this time as well. Netflix and Cable on-demand is a final stop. 


DVD’s will be produced and available. 

Packaging will feature lots of art and photos as well as an extensive Bonus section. 

iTunes is another distribution platform at that time as well.



So it sounds good and you want 

to be a part of history, 

   But your wondering how to help . . .




What we need now is funding . . .



Our total production cost is 50k and this is how we propose getting there.



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