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The $22 Hope House Challenge

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Many children in India are left alone - children forgotten because they are considered "untouchable." Join us in raising money to build an orphanage for these precious children.

Here's how: the average round-trip work commute in the U.S. is 32 miles, with the average miles per gallon of cars in the U.S. being roughly 20 MPG, and with the average cost of gasoline being $3.66 that makes for about $5.50 spent each day on gasoline for daily commute. That adds up to $27.50 weekly, or $110 each month spent on gasoline for our commute to and from work.

Here's what we're suggesting: Give your money to Not Alone instead of the BIG Gas companies, get in a workout each each, and help build an orphanage for needy children. How: ride your bike to work once a week and donate the money you would have spent on gasoline that day to this cause. What are we looking at here? $22 a month. Are you in? If you are, tell your friends to join in with you. Click here:, go to, or to give $22/month.

The first person to get 10 others to join them in donating their gas money from one day a week for a year will get a $100 gift card to Olive Garden!!!



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