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24in24 Charity Workout Challenge 2016 Photo
24in24 Charity Workout Challenge 2016 Photo
24in24 Charity Workout Challenge 2016 Photo

The Story

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We’re happy to announce that following 5 years of awesome 24-hour charity workout events to support F2F and the Kang’oma Community in Malawi, we’re preparing for the 6th! This year we're expanding the project to invite gyms and communities anywhere in the world to participate. We're also including our first ever ultra distance cycling event.


Hillseeker CrossFit, Reebok CrossFit Zurich & BeastMode Bern have worked closely with the Face to Face AIDS Project (F2F) since 2009 and have visited the community we’re supporting, in Kang’oma, Malawi. We experienced firsthand where the donated funds go, how they are used to drive sustainable change and how they are making a difference in people’s lives. Since then, others have joined making this collaboration Swiss-wide and supporting by friends from around the world.


As the project continues to succeed and make a greater impact in Malawi, we’re enthusiastic about stepping up our support while also encouraging athletes to stretch their limits by participating in a 24-hour CrossFit challenge.


Our fundraising efforts are driven to support transformation of an impoverished area of 6,000 people in Malawi that relies on maize into a self-sustaining community that embraces permaculture-based solutions. The underlying theme that drives F2F is to take a holistic, culturally sensitive approach to nurturing fundamental, long-lasting improvements in the poorest rural communities.