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For the last 25 years, thousands of people in central Africa have been silenced by the LRA.

I first saw the Invisible Children documentary when I was in high school, we watched it at youth group. I cryed, and I don't cry easy. I wanted so bad to be able to adopt all the children of Uganda so they don't have to live in fear. Fear of a very real evil named Joseph Kony. A man who built an army out of children. His army of grown men would go into the villages at night and abduct children and turn them into soldiers against their wills. They armed these kids with guns, forcing the girls to marry the bad men, some having their children (remind you, they are still only teeneagers and younger themselves). The children had to be willing to kill or be killed themselves. The LRA has violently grown into bordering African countries, including the Congo. The organization Invisible Children has done alot of good in getting kids out of the army, back home and into schools again, but there is still ALOT of work to be done.

On April 25, many, in support of this organization, are going silent for 25 hours in hopes that our silence can speak volumes for the invisible. Money raised from the 25 event will fund The Invisible Children Protection Plan and bring life saving communication and rehabilitation projects to the victims of the LRA  We want so bad for these kids to not have to make trips every night in fear of being abducted, to not fear about never seeing their friends and families again, to not miss out on school because of the evil that lies in the darkness. And more importantly, we don't want these kids to be invisivle anymore. This does not have to happen to them. But it will only continue to happen if we don't shed light on the subject and help them out.

So please help raise awarenss and money for these poor kids. I may not be able to adopt them all to save them but I will do whatever it is I can do to stop this. Please visit my event page. Donate if you can, start a team, tell everyone you know about it. Join me in silence on April 25th if you feel like that is a way you can help.

Here's some pages you can visit for more info:

And thank you all very much. I'm sure if these kids could, they would thank you too.


Easter Egg Challenge:

For everybody that donates to my Invisible Children 25 event or project between now and April 25 gets a mini Easter basket surprise sent to them. I have quite a few exciting gifts set up already and am ready to send them! So please check out my Invisible Children 25 event and project. Tell your friends about and I will make sure the Easter Bunny sends something your way this year.

Did I mention that if y'all help me raise the most money by March 30, I can win a trip to Uganda! How freakin' awesome is that? 

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