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Project 296 dba The 296 Project

Project 296 dba The 296 Project
CROWDRISE : Jan 01, 2015
Tax ID: 46-5361047
BASED: Arlington , VA, United States


Fighting PTSD With Art

501(c)3 Veteran Service Organization Tax ID: 46-5361047

The 296 Project is a Nonprofit Veteran Service Organization. Our mission is to promote, fund, support and advocate for art and expressive therapies as a means to combat the painful symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

If you're a Veteran of any branch of our Armed Forces and suffer from PTS and/or TBI, we want to help. We have programs you can apply for that can help you express yourself in a productive and therapeutic way, we'd like to give you a voice where you may not have had one before. 

Additionally, you can apply for a la carte aid for any therapeutic service we dont provide.

So how do we help? 

1. Fund Expressive Therapy for any/all combat veterans suffering with PTS who cannot afford the treatment and/or where these types of treatments are not available via the US Government or covered by TriCare.

2. Fund partially or fully the research efforts of Expressive Therapists or Expressive Therapy organizations to help advance the field.

3. Commission works of art by combat veterans who use art as therapy to help financially support that individual - the art is then donated to local governments or organizations who can make good use of it. In other words, give it to the public to enjoy.

4. Provide the actual resources (workspace, supplies, manpower) to active duty and veteran service members to use art therapeutically - we do this through a very special program we call "Studio 296".

Studio 296 houses the administrative component of The 296 Project including and is a “safe haven” and collaborative working environment based on mutual respect and understanding for the PTS/TBI community, regardless of their artistic interest or ability.

The studio offers a walk-in design space complete with the full spectrum of art and expressive supplies, equipment, educational and design resources. We utilize otherwise blank wall space to hang and promote the work of our resident artists interested in doing so and this alone is therapeutic. Additionally we use this wonderful space for our fundraising events and those of other organizations We have been able to provide Art and Expressive Therapists a facility for seminars (peer or patient), art classes, group therapy sessions, etc, and we have designed the space to allow for the general public to walk in and better educate themselves on the PTS/TBI epidemic, to see first hand how Art and Expressive Therapy tells a story, and to meet artists whose lives have been changed by adding art therapy to their healing regiment.

Studio 296 is the first of it’s kind anywhere in the world and it represents the most advanced and forward thinking resource to battle Post-Traumatic Stress and the co-morbid symptoms of TBI currently in existence.

Tax ID: 46-5361047 •


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