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2amt / Venti Capital



We're raising money to support the 2amt community.

Following the example of the 99% Invisible podcast's successful Kickstarter project, we're turning to you to help support 2amt. Editing a website and a podcast series alone can be a full-time job, as 99% discovered.  Here at 2amt, we want to do much more than that.

This January will mark three years since the 2amt community started.  All this time, it's been volunteer work with the occasional out-of-pocket expenses.  Of course, time spent maintaining the website or editing the podcast means time away from writing scripts and making theatre.

That's why we've come to Crowdrise.

What is Venti Capital?

How many times a month do you go to Starbucks or some such place and order a fancy coffee drink? Venti latte, half sweet, shot of espresso?  Can you buy us a cup of support instead?

Venti capital is venture capital on a small scale, crowdfunding support one cup of coffee at a time.

If you like what we've done at 2amt so far and want to help us to grow and do more, please consider buying us a cup of coffee once in a while.  Every drop helps.  (And if you want to buy us lunch or a plane ticket or a coffee shop, by all means...)

What's 2amt going to do with all the coffee bucks?

I'm glad you asked.

At the bare minimum, the money we raise through this campaign will support hosting, maintenance & editing on the website as well as the creation & editing of our two podcast series, 2amt & Twenty.  

The 2amt Podcast is evolving into a roundtable conversation series, dealing with current events & new ideas in theatre.

Twenty is an interview series profiling theatre artists from around the world.  Each episode is a twenty minute (give or take) conversation (give and take).  We have several episodes up and a few more in the computer, waiting to get put together.

The website hums along already, but with your support, the podcasts can come out on a more regular schedule.  It takes time to interview and/or host conversations & edit them for broadcast.

But wait, there's more.

We're looking into developing a podcast network.  This would include several new series focused on specific areas of theatre, ie technical work, marketing ideas, etc.  It would also  include creative work, audio dramas both short and full-length.  These are projects we've talked about for a long time, and while there's a certain amount we can do for free--interviews, roundtable discussions, etc--we would like to be able to pay artists for creative work, both acting and writing.

The more we raise, the more creative work we can produce.  Audiences can enjoy the audio plays for what they are, but theatre companies might discover new work through them.  It would be a way for theatre companies to show off their actors & playwrights, if we record with a specific company.  Ideally, we would partner with a theatre company and some of their sponsors or patrons to produce & record one or two plays in their space.

Theatre companies could then share these dramatic series with their audiences, building more connections with other theatres around the country (and around the world).  After all, radio drama is alive and well in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

If we can produce on a regular basis, we plan to offer them to public radio stations through PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.  Hearing, "Recorded live at ________ Theatre," on the air would draw more attention and publicity for participating companies.  It could also build stronger partnerships with companies' local public radio stations.

That's just one of the projects we've got on our wish list...

How does this compare to the 99% Invisible fundraiser?

As a website & podcast series, 99% Invisible is a good point of comparison.  Their Kickstarter goal was set at $42,000, which is essentially a full-time salary for one year for the host and editor.  Because they raised more than 4x that amount, they were able to hire a second full-time sound editor and pay for his move across the country, allowing the host to concentrate on the content of the show & website.

(We've set our goal at a fraction of their original goal as a bare minimum to maintain the work we're already doing.)

Of course, being Kickstarter, this also included items as incentives at the various donation levels.  (I have a set of notebooks from my donation.)  

There are two reasons why we've chosen to use Crowdrise instead.  

1. There are no products or incentives for various levels.  The projects we can develop, produce and release are the incentives here.  

2.  We don't have to reach a specific goal by a certain time in order to collect the funds.  Again, every drop helps.

And if you really want a 2amt souvenir, we do have baseball caps available at Zazzle.

Who organized this fundraiser?

This fundraiser has been organized by David J. Loehr (me) under the Riverrun Theatre Company name.  That's my artistic home--I'm the artist-in-residence and a co-founder.  Using Riverrun as a fiscal umbrella means that your donation will be tax-deductible.  Riverrun is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Madison, Indiana.  Rest assured, even though it says "benefiting Riverrun Theatre Company" above, every cent raised through this fundraiser will go directly to supporting 2amt work.

One last thing

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for considering a donation.

David J. Loehr, 2amt


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