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2 kids off the couch adventures documentary

Organized by: Ben Verduin

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This project holds an extremely important worldwide message about the intrusion of technology on human interaction and relationships for all of us !
Most families with children I think will understand the importance of the mission we are trying to accomplice and to do this project we need to raise funds to be able to do this in a professional way !
At home we made this no budget trailer with a borrowed Gopro as a family, just to be able to show you what is going on in our lives and probably yours too.
With enough funds we will be able to hire a top professional film maker and put together a team that can travel with us and who also will be able to assist us to translate this important message creatively to the screen with a sense of adventure and lots of (kids) fun.
We are not film makers our self, We are the passionate storytellers and looking for your support to turn this project into a success.
If you want to see what we try to tell you on screen...Help us kickstart our project and share our project.
We are ready to work hard and to show you an awesome film.
if you have questions feel free to send us a quick PM and we will be happy to answer your questions or hear your feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Ben Verduin

PROJECT : "BALANCE" Connected or not to be connected.

Are the kids on the couch, watching TV, surfing cable or playing finger karate with their iPod, iPad, iPhone, X-boxes, android, living vicariously through animated caricatures or virtual personas?

Do you find yourself having the same conversation, pleading with them to join you and the rest of the family for dinner, conversation or simply an outdoor adventure?

The Family.

Allow me to introduce the Family behind "2 Kids Off the Couch Adventures", there is my wife Patty and I (Ben) , and our two kids Mika (14) and Zohra (10).
We are a typical family in some ways and in others, not even remotely typical at all. What we know is that we're looking for a way out of these daily 24-7 routines and to find and show all our kids, yours and you as a parent the difference of balance between this modern social screen media and an unplugged life can be.

Our mission.
Inspired by Long Way Round, the 2004 documentary series, DVD and book that followed actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a 31,000-kilometre motorcycle trip around the world.
We decided to make a change and together with our film crew members to pack our saddle bags and get the kids off the couch onto the back of our motorbikes, kids on the back seat and drive them across the Canadians and Americas and the European open roads
Our dedicated Film crew filming this all to turn it into a motivational and adventures series like you have never seen before.
Our kids today are growing up in a world where everything is done over the internet sucked into screens or facing their heads down on iPods lost in time. Just look around you how many people walk sit and drive with their heads down or sit hours staring at a screen, I am also one of the screen staring people , I call it work but really ?
We lost the balance in life of When and When NOT to be connected .

Many times parents can be blamed of their kids addiction but we should not forget that this technology of IPad, IPods and virtual games and internet took many of us by surprise before we realized what was happening.
My point of view is that we cannot blame the industry nor the parents or kids but to stand back, look back and bring back the balance between this today’s great technology and physical non-connected outdoors enjoyment. This is the job for us the “today parents”.
We can make a difference by simply turning our devices “OFF” , trust me there is still a live without them and you may even like it better.

We are going to do something about it (Please) Do your part and SHARE our project with everyone you know and pledge to make this Documentary happen.


Will we as a modern family look different to all this technology?
Will we understand the need of a better balance ?
Are we able to enjoy days without being “Connected”
When we come back from our unplugged road adventure we will be able to tell you ….
Help us with the documentary production of
"BALANCE " Connected or not to be Connected

Why our project will be different

Unlike many other previous documentaries that only show the nuts-and-bolts basics of world travelling, this documentary / film will go deeper, examining the specific psychological effects of what the long-term relationship of travelling with unplugged kids has on modern families. Showing our future generations the impact of adventure travel experiences never seen before.

Couch Potatoes.
Our gang will be closely followed by our dedicated ‘couch potatoes’ aka the film crew, mechanics and other team members who we can add to the project when we raise enough funds. These couch potatoes will be the backbone of our adventure coming true, filming all the wonders that we see, the sounds that we hear, the people that we meet and to monitor the parents and kids to new experiences.

When will we start

Mid July 2014 we will start the first part of our mission and film journey and we are looking really forward to this day.
This means soon we will be preparing the bikes and pack our bags.
We will be travelling with BMW bikes from Vancouver island up north to the west coast towards Alaska and the Rocky mountains. From the rockies there we will heading back to the island to prepare our Canadian West to East ride.
This is where you come in. We are ready for our challenging adventures are you ready for support ? The more you pledge the further we can go, the further WE go, the more we can film and the better result we can present YOU.

2 kids off the couch is a NON profit team all the funding's will be to finance this project and to support kids activities.

We have added a video below to make you understand the importance of our project , please watch THIS

Thank you for your time and consideration.

What will you do on your adventure tours;
Everything to make kids show what is happening in the real world.
Make feel alive and make them forget the electronic screen media devices, make them smell the country, taste the local foods, hear the local music and meet the world. Learn them how to do outside activities like survival, fishing, Camping in mountains and on river banks, preparing your own food, Checking out towns and cities, Animal tracking, Dirt bike riding, Horseback riding, finding out how things are made and the more serious matters.
Show how other kids live in different countries not the online versions but in person ...REAL.
Meet with kids that are less fortune and show all our that not everything comes on a silver plate. fun stories but also the reality of real life.
Meet with people that meant something in the world, people that have a message or a vision. not on TED or you Tube but REAL.
All this to show kids and parents that there is something out there to do, to see and to learn and most of all have some unplugged family fun.

What places of interest will you be looking for,
We will be looking for interesting places and people for example like
Ranches and farms, Road shows, Crafts people, Recording studios, Radio stations, Museums, Exhibitions, Film studios, Native museums, Animal rescue, Produce farms, Local events, Children hospitals, Collectors, Musicians, Story tellers, Chefs and the unknown story that comes on our road and much more.
How much more ? ....only you know.

Campfire nights.
This is what we call our “Back to base time”,
On location we'll be joined by local or well known musicians and chefs for an evening of acoustic music and local foods,” On these evenings we will invite local kids to join us experience these magic evenings..
Simply sitting around the campfire and talk, laugh, enjoying the live music, listening to each other stories and the taste of good foods before jumping in our sleeping bags for a good night sleep under the stars.


Journey with us on Facebook, YouTube, and by Blog.
From the moment we leave our base camp “The Gem ‘O the Isle” on Vancouver Island you can travel with us, just keep checking in our website and blog our couch potatoes ( team technic's ) will when we have Wi-Fi connection post the latest updates.

If you pledge on Kickstarter and leave us your email address and you will get notifications of our latest blog posts and you will be one of the first to know where we are and what we are doing.

Check out our website at

Our Team.

Ben Verduin Project manager
Mika Verduin Kids
Zohra Verduin Kids
Patty John Parent
Michael Andringa (an Award winning Film and Documentary maker that we like to hire and many others to do this project professionally)
Timo Scheiber Off Road advisor technician

2 kids off the couch adventure team

Zohra Mika Ben Patty Michael Timo

Michael Andringa Award winning Film and Documentary maker

Why Kickstarter?

The reality of Adventure off-road riding can be hard to film as many aspects need to be covered. What we want to try is to give you a full story of the team involved and also show you what it takes and how many people actually put in their energy and creativity, we are always open for creative ideas and with Kickstarter we are able to use these inputs and react to them quickly and make decision accordingly during the series. This can make the result better than being stuck into a scenario.

The more generous funding you can support us with. The better people we can get, People that believe in our story, people that also want their kids off the couch and recognize the global screen threat to our kids but also have a passion for what they do film making, project managing, mechanics, organizing, problem-solving and adventure travelling.
People like you and me that can work in a team and care about each other as a family team. All with one make this documentary the best they can not only to our own standards but also for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Patty Zohra Mika


Signed T shirts will be dated and signed with a "Thank you" message that you supported us on Kickstarter This will be only available during our campaign !!

Our Film Crew T-shirt will be a very limited production for you collectors out there and will only be available during our 30 day Kickstarter funding campaign.

To understand our project better please watch this video
Here a video we support and encourage you to see as there are may subjects that we feel we have in common with the mission of 2 kids off the couch adventurest documentary
Please do your part and SHARE with everyone you know and pledge to our project.

Vancouver island and British Columbia
With our minimum pledge we can make a start on a minimum scale but it will happen the basics will be the same but the results a little less as most of this funding will be needed for the travel and what is left to produce a documentary and DVD ? I have to be done but we sure hope to pass this stage,

British Columbia Canada and Alaska
50K pledge is starting to get in the right direction, we will be able to visit the British Columbia and Alaska and to cover all the cost to make our documentary and to produce our DVD.

Canada and Europe
Now we are getting serious, Things are getting better, we really have to pack our bags tight and looking forward to take you with us on our adventure travels. during our stops the potato crew now can work hard to update you with the latest adventure when we have Wi-Fi connection.

The World,
We hope you can help us make this dream come true and show all these Couch Kids what it can be like on an adventure road trip around the world.
I can only imagine all the people we meet and adventures we can show you, Countries we experience from a point of view of Parents, Kids and Film Crew.
Travel with us, join our adventure from your home couch and be part of this unique experience.
We will be most grateful if you would help make this adventure series happen, we are ready ...are you too? please pledge!

Your 2 Kids OTC Team
If we go over these amounts ? ...things will only get so much better for all of us, You, Us, all the Kids and the end result of our series will be stunning!
We will spend extra money to help with kids projects, maybe in a makeover style or help kids with special needs !
Help with projects to pull kids off the couch into a more active and fun time. We can make donations to children hospitals or help families who are in need with challenged or sick children.
Who knows, Its in your hands how much we can do

Important note
2 kids off the couch is a NON profit team all the funding's will be to finance this project and to support kids activities.

Together lets make this happened ! PLEDGE !

Last but not least
Please Tell many others about our Kickstarter campaign and ask all your friends and contacts to help reach our goal :)
We only have 30 days to make this work.

Ben Verduin
Parent and Project manager 2 Kids off the couch Adventures

As you can see we have not too many physical items to give away.
Giving cheap gifts is not the purpose of our journey, if you pledge to our project you are not only helping us but also many other people and children. The knowledge that when you pledge good things will happen is the most rewarding gift anyone can receive. Therefore we have tried to make the rewards we do offer more personal and with a true touch of appreciation.
We are here on Kickstarter to make this project come true for us the kids and you as our followers.
All people that support us and are able to pledge we appreciate them as our friends and we do not end your relationship with a simple" thank you" gift.
Join 2 kids off the couch adventures and travel with us !
Thank you for your support.

You can also Join us on our FB page "2 kids off the couch adventures" together with our website for the latest information.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like all projects there is always a risk involved
All problems can dealt with the only thing they need is time, first thing that comes up is trying to understanding where the epic center is and with a creative mind solving any problem area.
In our case If I need to think of a dark scenario is when someone will get sick or hurt and being on the road that would be a direct stop or delay depending how serious the situation.
We are all ordinary family people here with kids and safety is more important than a deadline for a documentary. That is why we have a flexible deadline.
Of course we do have a time period we need to come up with a finished product but the most important thing is we have is time and over time things get solved.
We have a great team with great positive minds and we can solve and overcome challenges but in case of a disaster we will just postdate the show to the next season like any other filmmaker would do. No matter what happens we will come up with solutions and do whatever is in our power to come to an awesome result.
Positive thinking is the always first step to success.


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Ben Verduin

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