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This summer, 24 Wild Wilderness Women (WWW) will adventure to Acadia National Park from August 16 - August 20 for the second annual Babes off the Beaten Path. WWW is a Washington D.C. based outdoor organization led by women for women. Through Babes off the Beaten Path, WWW members with a variety of backgrounds and skillsets come together to learn, feel empowered and build connection in the outdoors (and have grand adventures of course). Donate to Babes off the Beaten Path to support the creation of an inclusive outdoor community and give up to 24 women a reason to believe that they too belong in the outdoors.  Your support will help women who have expressed financial need as a prerequisite for attending. 

63% of women said they could not think of an outdoor female role model, according to a recent survey from REI. At Wild Wilderness Women, we strive to change that statistic by being a visible encouragement and champion for other women to get outdoors and engage meaningfully with one another. Babes off the Beaten Path is a culmination of the values WWW members hold near and dear to their hearts: empowerment, connection, education and adventure.

 Giving Suggestions 

  • $8 for the number of babes that pioneered our inaugural Babes off the Beaten Path trip
  • $24 for the number of babes going on this year’s trip
  • $47 for the 47,000 acres of wilderness to explore in Acadia
  • $165 for the number of Wild Wilderness Women 
  • $338 for the number of unique bird species in Acadia National Park 

Your Sponsorship 

Your contribution will help ensure that up to 24 babes can get to Acadia National Park. The cost of travel, food and campsites adds up and can make a seemingly empowering experience a financially stressful one. We’re fundraising so that financial barriers aren’t keeping our members out of the wilderness.Your support will help women who have expressed financial need as a prerequisite for attending.



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