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EVENT: 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

EVENT DATE: Oct 12, 2014

Jeff Laube


                    On October 12, 20014, I will be running the Chicago Marathon for a small non-profit called Ink 180 ministries. Its not a high powered charity with corporate connections, large media coverage, or celebrity endorsements. Its a small tattoo shop based out of Oswego, Illinois. Chris baker, a life long artist, founded this small non profit in the fall of 2011. Chris works with local and federal authorities to provide tattoo cover ups for victims of human trafficking and ex gang members.


           Chris provides these services free of charge and has never turned anyone away. He turns  horrific scars of their past and transforms them into symbols of new beginnings.  Chris has helped over 2000 people and about two hundred were under the age of 18.  Its hard to imagine some of the horrific experiences these victims go through, but I was blown away when he told me the youngest person he helped was 13.


        Yes, I said 13. When I heard this I was suddenly overcome with raw emotion. I did not know how to react or what to do. This little girl's faith in humanity was gone. Her innocence was gone. Her thirst for life was gone. Suddenly, being trapped in a world filled with inhumanity, hatred, greed, and mistrust. Then, in the background,  I started to hear a little girl's laughter, joy, and  excitement for life. It was the sound of my two daughters laughing, playing, and having a thirst for life. I could her all the excitement in their little voices. Their trust in humanity was still there.


            This world can be filled with unbelievable atrocities. It seems like society always gets overwhelmed with inhumane stories in the news. Someone's faith in humanity can be easily turned away. I hope one day, that society will be overwhelmed with encouraging stories of hope, triumph, and love. Everyone will be asking how can I make this world a better place? Chris Baker chose in the fall of 2011 to make a lifelong difference in peoples lives and is armed by his faith in Jesus Christ.


            In the fall of 2014, I will be running 26.2 miles, to help give people a second chance on life. Everyone deserves a shot at a new beginning. I stand behind Chris and his cause. My goal is to help change 100 lives and I need a fifty dollar donation per individual donor.  In exchange I am willing to do the folloiwing during, the race...


1. I will dye my hair what ever color you like, during the race.

2. i will attempt to wear a red nose, during the race.

3. I will have all donor names on my shirt.

4. I am willing to put what ever clean saying you want on my legs or arms.

Chris Baker is willing to do the following...

Everyone that donated $50.00 will be entered into a drawing to spend a day with Chris Baker. Here you can learn about how Chris Baker has transformed lives and his own. The winner will also receive a free documentary DVD on ink180 and tshirt signed by Chris Baker. Also, he can just speak at your church if you like.


In the future if you would like to run for Chris or just have questions then please go direct at






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