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30 60 100 Ministries, Inc.

Equip the Guatemalans living in the remote region of northwestern Guatemala (Los Romeros, Tajumulco) to improve their diet through training, specifically: • Hands-on training (watch – then do) • Simple organic gardening methods o Terracing o Using plants adapted to their region, altitude, and climate Development of training to: o Produce Supermagro (liquid organic fertilizer) o Make Compost o Earthworm culture o Make organic bug killers o Use recyclable materials whenever possible Tax ID 71-0867927


My name is Brennan Jantzen. I'm currently a junior at MSA in Novato, CA. 

My project is to help our family friend, Amilcar Carrillo, who lives in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, with an organic gardening project he has worked on for more than 15 months in a remote village called Los Romeros, on the side of Guatemala's highest volcano, Volcán Tajumulco. 

The families in this village have a poor diet that is based on corn and sugar water. They sell their best field products to buy low cost starchy foods that fill their tummies, but are not healthy for them. 

Amilcar has been teaching them organic gardening practices adapted to their climate and culture, but does not have a 4x4 to reach their location - so every month he has to pay to take materials to their location.

My project is to raise money for a medium-sized, used Toyota 4x4 Pickup truck that Amilcar can use to get up the mountain to Los Romeros. But I NEED YOUR HELP!

PLEASE GIVE to help me see this project come to fulfillment before I graduate in June 2015!!!!