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335 Heart Foundation Inc

335 Heart Foundation supports children and their families afflicted with a life-threatening CHD through financial support, advocacy, education and building awareness of the disease. Tax ID 47-2068507


The 335 Heart Foundation, Inc. was founded by the Smith Family (Jeff & Kristina) of Mooresville, North Carolina. Their daughter, Morgan Avery, was born with a congenital heart defect, Truncus Arteriosis, on July 12, 2014. She received open heart surgery to correct the structure of her heart on July 16th 2014 at Levines Children’s Hospital in Charlotte by one of the best pediatric cardiology teams in the country. Morgan’s repair was VERY successful and she recovered extremely well. She was released from the hospital just 10 days post operation, on the same day she turned 2 weeks old. She thrived at home for a little over 2 months, gaining weight, hitting milestones and being loved.

The early morning of October 9th, 2014 Morgan passed away from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The Smith Family was shocked, devastated and full of grief. However, in the wake of her passing, they became determined to create a positive legacy for their daughter by forming the 335 Heart Foundation (335HF). The mission of 335HF is to provide charitable support and services to families in hospitals going through the process of repair and recovery, as well as financial assistance for funeral costs for those children who lose their battle. You can read our full mission statement to see what goals we have for 335HF at

You can read more about Morgan’s story at