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Amy M.M.P Hurley, M.S.'s Fundraiser:

33 reasons to give me money for my 33rd beeday

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Amy M.M.P Hurley, M.S.


1) I volunteer a lot
2) I helped found the Phildelphia Orchard Project
3) I share my photography with the world
4) I compost
5) I use reusable cups
6) I use public transportation as much as possible
7) I save baby birds and cats and keep them separated
8) I share job postings with friends
9) I share art gallery submission requests with the community
10) I am reinvigorating Quaker Tours, Inc. a company my Momma founded fifteen years ago
11) I help people daily
12) I spread useful information online and in person
13) I write well
14) I support and appreciate street artists
15) I am a good cook
16) I am generally kind
17) I share food I grow with others
18) I give great gifts
19) I celebrate every day as opposed to just holidays
20) I support and publicize local businesses
21) I publicize local arts and cultural events
22) I thank people often
23) I give people encouragement daily
24) I am adventurous
25) I make people laugh
26) I tell good stories
27) I make things
28) I can bake a mean cake
29) I dance
30) I look good in my new glasses
31) I love Philadelphia
32) I love my ancestors
33) My middle name is Philadelphia who is also an ancestor



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Amy M.M.P is working on selecting a charity so you can support 33 reasons to give me money for my 33rd beeday.