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Donate Just $3.65 to help change the world! About: is a humanitarian support organization focusing on the relief of poverty on an international level. 365aid is Canada's #1 support mechanism for helping those in need. By using the power of "ONE" and donating just a penny a day or $3.65 ayear, you can help change the world. Our Story: was founded in 2015. The founders were interested in finding ways to give back to the less fortunate who need assistance in their day-to-day lives but are to proud to ask for it. These individuals, families, and organizations can be located anywhere and are not limited to just the people in our own community. We are able to assist by means of our supporters understanding that by donating just a penny a day, or $3.65 a year you make a huge and profound difference in thousands of peoples lives every year. Our Mission: 365aid's mission is to build a supportive community of people that live selflessly. With donations from our supporters, we are going to go out into the community and give back. We don't expect a thank you, but we hope that it is paid forward in the future. By paying it forward you are actively helping to build a better world where compassionate and caring people are everywhere. We call it "the power of one." Together, with our network of supporters, 365aid is going to create a brighter future where impoverished and struggling citizens can re-establish themselves into their communities and create a feeling of self worth. Become A Volunteer: 365aid relies heavily on the support of communities abroad to help make everyday operations possible, that is the reason why volunteering and giving back becomes an area that we spend the most time on trying to educate the public about how it should not be left for the next guy to deal with but rather a belief that "I can help because its the right thing to do." Volunteering is way to experience a side of life we might otherwise never experience, the gratefulness, gratetude and shear appriciation for someone caring makes you realize how lucky we all really are. We simply take life for granted and volunteering is a way we can say thank you for all that we have been blessed with. Watching someone smile because they are lucky enough to have a hot meal really does put life into perspective. We have to change our ways of thinking and start putting others first. Ask us about volunteering opportunities in your local communities by clicking the apply button below and contacting us through social media. Services: Search - We actively search out individuals, families and organizations that are in need of support through community centers, food banks, churches, homeless shelters and anonymous tips. Raise - We know giving isn't easy, that is why we ask for the equivalent of just a penny a day or $3.65 a year. This small amount of money is equal to the price of a cheap cup of coffee and allows everyone to help. Deliver - With donations raised by you, the community, you are actively helping to support those in need. With your support we are going to deliver food, clothing, money and medical/hygiene supplies to those that are less fortunate. Become A Hero: Please help us by donating $3.65 a year, the equivalent to just a penny a day. This small amount of money changes lives when communities band together for a common goal. "Because caring is the right thing to do." *All donations will go towards supplying resources to individuals, families and organizations that are in need of support. Our Causes: 365aid is passionate about supporting those in need. Your donations will be going towards supporting: - Medical Challenges - Homelessness - Animal Rescue - Random Acts of Kindness This Foundation runs year round and will need your continued support. Please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Visit our website at:



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