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AU-DA-CIOUS /ôˈdāSHəs/ adjective 1. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. Joshua had CRAZY audacious faith. He was up against five Amorite kings and their combined armies. Talk about being outnumbered. He talked to God and he asked God to make the Sun stay still and he did until he defeated his enemies. Isn't that crazy? How many of us would have asked God for something big like that? Why do we stop ourselves from taking bold risk? Are we afraid of failing? Are we indecisive? Are we afraid of what people might think or say? We stop ourselves before trying. It's hard to go far if we think small. Odds are if we think small we pray small too, but our God isn't small. Our God doesn't have limits. Yet sometimes when we pray or we ask him for something we set limits to what he can do. We don't even dare to ask for what we think is impossible. Literally a couple weeks ago my friend told me about the 21 project with the Circuit Riders and YWAM (Youth With A MISSION). The 21 Project is a 3-week, collaborative experience designed to raise up leaders who want to practically reach their generation by sharing the radical love of Jesus. This year, 21 Project will be hosted in Kona, Hawaii at the University of the Nations. What I like about the 21 Project is the learning factor: you don't have to have everything together or know everything before you go because they provide training. All of trainings are organized around specific "tracks" or themes, and each person gets to pick the track that best suits their strengths and helps them work on their weaknesses. The catch? (Insert Audacious Faith) 3...2...1... 3k - I need $3,000 for my flight, tuition, boarding & meals 2 - TO get to Kona 1 - ONE WEEK TO DO IT So here I am having audacious faith and asking God (and you) to help me do something that seems impossible. In order to raise the money, I've decided to sell these shirts that are a perfect reminder that God has no limits and neither should our prayers! I need 250 people to buy a shirt to get me to Hawaii (or 125 people to buy one for themselves and one as a gift for a friend they know who could use some encouragement). Are you in?



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Hope is working on selecting a charity so you can support 3K 2KONA 1WK.