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Running for 3rd Pole Education Base

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3rd Pole Education Base (Ladakh, India)

Enabling education and cross-cultural learning across geographies as a way of tackling ecological and global challenges.

Promoting education in remote corners of the world through interactive learning sessions enabled by a network of connected partner institutions and sustainable digital learning resources.

What is an E-Base:
An E-Base is a concept, pioneered by Sir Robert Swan, to propagate throughout the world the message of Education and Sustainability, and the unique synergy they share. Robert Swan is the first man ever to have walked the North and the South poles. His vision is to facilitate the setting up of E-Bases in various remote corners of the world, which would then be used to engage the local community and also help in acting as a window between the region and the outside world.

The Third Pole E-Base – Ladakh:
The Third Pole E-Base, setup in Ladakh, is the 3rd such E-Base in the world. Setup in a region which has experienced grave consequences of climate change, like the Cloud Burst in 2010 and receding glaciers which are cutting away water sources, , the E-Base is meant to be a model of sustainability while also being a portal for the kids from the region to connect to the outside world.
The Third Pole E-Base is constructed using a sustainable building technique called ‘Rammed Earth’. It is completely powered by solar panels, and is oriented in a way to optimally utilize the sun for both electricity and heating.
The E-Base is located in the Mahabodhi complex in Leh, right next to the MahabodhiSchool. It houses a digital library of documentaries and interactive learning tools, in addition to a traditional library. It is capable of connecting to other institutions around the world over a video conferencing tool. In addition to this, there are multiple tablets available, which the students can use to research in parallel, while learning a new concept. The idea is to make learning a more engaging and enriching experience, while empowering the students of this region with tools which are now commonplace in other urban communities. The E base enables students to go beyond their curriculum and allows them to develop their critical thinking.

Partnerships with outside schools:
While the E-Base has many learning tools which can be used in isolation, the main idea behind the E-Bases is that of being connected to the rest of the world. While reading up on communities and researching about them helps, the best way to get to know people and their issues is to connect with them. Ladakh being a remote region, the students here have limited exposure to people from outside. By connecting them with children from other schools around the world, we would work towards widening their horizons while also inculcating in them an appetite for learning.
The takeaway for the local children would be an opportunity to learn from their peers in cities, studying in bigger and better equipped schools and having a wider worldview. The takeaway for the partner schools would be meeting children from a remote region, hearing their stories and learning from their simple life experiences. The Ladakhi children come from villages where people still live close to nature, and while their worldview maybe limited, they are extremely smart and knowledgeable in grassroot issues which urban children may not have a perspective on. In addition to this, they have been following practices like Yoga and Meditation as a way of life, and would be excellent buddies to learn these with.
In addition to their inherentlove for nature and animals, the children have had firsthand experience of global warming and climate change- something that children in other regions learn about but have not experienced. The love, positive energy and inspiration the children of Leh have to offer is contagious.

How you can help?
The third pole education base will be instrumental in connecting children in Ladakh to the outside world through resources like TV, tablets and a high speed internet connection.
The funds raised would be used to ensure the sustainability of these resources and to further enhance the e-base by equipping it with Documentary DVD’s, Books and Laptops. The funds would also be used to facilitate the exchange program of the children with the different partner schools.

The Funds that need to be raised amount to $2000

To enable the fund raising, the following people would be running a Marathon in the hilly town of Shimla(India) which lies at an altitude of 7000ft above sea level:
1. Inderpreet Wadhwa: Founder and CEO, Azure Power
2. Sonal Asgotraa: Technology Analyst, Infosys
3. Jaideep Bansal: Manager, Procter and Gamble
Through your valuable contributions, we can enable the children in the remote town of Ladakh in India achieve their dreams and ambitions by boosting e-learning and online education.
‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.
Nelson Mandela

Let’s work together to make this happen and empower our students to make the world we live in a better place.

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