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$40 for Forty

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Jon Stromberg via Crowdrise
September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Bob!! All the best! Jon  See more

BENEFITING: Executives Without Borders USA


Jon Stromberg


Robert Goodwin wrote -

Hi there!  My name is Bob Goodwin and I am turning 40 in just a few days. I am heading back to Haiti the day after and I realized that I don’t need a party or any presents. Instead, I decided to see if people would help me continue my work in Haiti. So I am asking everyone to give at least $40 for my 40th. Have $400 awesome. Have $4000. Even better.

I work with Executives Without Borders and we are helping thousands of Haitians turn tragedy into opportunity and a way to move their country forward.  We helped establish a system for plastic recycling and so far it is going amazingly well. Over 11 million bottles collected and over $100,000 generated so that Haitians can buy food and send their kids to school.

But it only works if there is a truck. A truck that can take collected plastic to our processing center. Without the truck people don’t get paid and the whole system breaks down.

So why $40? Because that is the exact cost to pay for a truck. A truck cleaning up 50,000 bottles off of a beach. A truck that supports about 100 people earning money for their families..

So please donate at least $40 to this effort., tell your friends and share this page and video. Thanks for listening and for continuing to support the people of Haiti.

Check us out also at and  

I appreciate your support!

- Bob

Additional information:

In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, Executives Without Borders assisted NGOs with delivery of safe water and procurement of temporary shelter materials. While in Haiti, we identified a major problem contributing to the spread of disease across the country. The canals are clogged with plastic. As heavy rains pour into clogged canals, bacteria and cholera infected water overflows, spreading into markets and communities.

Currently, most Haitians see no value in plastic, and treat it only as trash. Soon, they will see it as an opportunity for job creation and income generation as plastic garbage is recycled and sold as a commodity on the world market. With our corporate partners, we established a framework to create local franchises across the country that create jobs collecting, crushing and transporting plastic to Haiti Recycling’s headquarters in Port au Prince.

As plastic collection increases, further job opportunities arise through the
processing of that collected plastic into finished goods.

Our Program has Three Phases:

Phase 1:
 Expand collection and harvesting of plastic, creating sustainable jobs and incomes through a network of independently owned and operated neighborhood collection centers.

Phase 2: Build Haiti Recycling’s capacity to further process recycled
plastic, creating additional employment and increasing the value
per ton of plastic collected.

Phase 3: Drive investment in Haiti to build factories that turn recycled
plastics into products for domestic use and export.

Plastic Recycling = Sustainable Jobs & Economic Growth

Initial capital investments are needed to build the collection centers. After the initial investment is made, the centers and associated incomes are sustained through revenues from selling the collected plastic.

Together we can create thousands of well paying, sustainable jobs, help the environment and reduce the spread of disease. We can once again reveal Haiti’s beauty and make it an attractive place for foreign investment and tourism.

The Team: $6,910 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Robert Goodwin

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168% Raised of $4,000 Goal

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Gabrielle Rossetti

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5% Raised of $4,000 Goal

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Jon Stromberg

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